10 Reasons Why Hydroquinone is Bad for Your Skin!

02 Oct

There was a recent study done at the
University of Capetown that suggests 1 in 3
women in South Africa bleaches her skin.
Unconfirmed reports from the Nigerian
National Agency for Food and Drug
Administration and Control (NAFDAC), also
suggests that 77% of Nigerian women bleach
their skin! There are similar stories in Ghana,
Liberia, Senegal etc. All across Africa and even
Asia, the habit of skin bleaching is becoming
more and more prevalent.
Look around you and the signs are everywhere.
You probably know a friend, aunty, sister,
neighbour, colleague who is fixated on skin-
For women of African descent, the scourge of
skin bleaching is made worse because most
women (and even men!) use creams made with
the potent bleaching agent: Hydroquinone.
Some important facts about Hydroquinone:
1. Hydroquinone works by inhibiting the
enzyme tyrosinase, which is important in skin
pigment (melanin) development. It is
important to be aware that Melanin actually
provides protection against UV radiation. It is
more effective than any sunscreen known to
man. It diffuses UV radiation and turns it into
harmless heat.
2. Combining Hydroquinone with skin products
that contain benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen
peroxide, or other peroxides, (found in most
acne treatment) is harmful to the skin. This
causes temporary staining of the skin. Also
hydroquinone should not be used with any of
the new resorcinol-based skin lightening
treatments such as Clinique dark spot
3. 4% and above hydroquinone concentration
is generally considered by most dermatologists
to be one of the most effective skin-lightening
and age spot-brightening agents. Overall, it is
considered to be a bit safe/less harmful for
Caucasians and light-skinned asians BUT not as
safe for darker-skinned people (Africans).
1.)It causes pigmentation of the eye and
permanent corneal damage.This only occurs
when the eye is directly exposed to
2.)It causes OCHRONOSIS(a skin disorder
characterised by progressive sooty darkening
of the skin.)
3.)It whitens skin by killing your skins pigment
4.)Its counter productive as it gives u dark
knuckles,ankles,purplish vericose veins,a
5.)It can cause irritation and contact
6.)Even if you succeed in bleaching the skin
whiter with hydroquinone products,it often has
an unhealthy,pasty look.Also,once you stop
using it,ur skin re darkens.And since using it
long term is unhealthy,its a basically a
catch-22 situation.
7).If you live in the tropical region, the
combination of hydroquinone and the sun is a
bad one.Increased risk of ochronosis have
been linked to excess sun exposure while using
hydroquinone. As such, dermatologists often
recommend to always use hydroquinonewitha
sunscreen. (Note: In the hot African climate,
sometimes, even sunscreens do not offer
enough protection for the skin!)
8.)Most products with hydroquinone have an
awful smelland cause intense body heat and
sweating. Users often try to mask the odour by
profuse use of perfumes which seems to make
it even worse. There is off-the-shelf
hydroquinone-based product(s) that’s so
potent that users have to constantly stay in
air-conditioned rooms!
9.)It thins out the outer layer of the skin (the
epidermis), which is dangerous especially
during or post- surgical procedures, as it may
take the skin a longer time to heal from cuts,
wounds and/or stitches.
10).It ages your skinand as you get older the
effects become even more pronounced. It is
not a pretty sight to see someone whose skin
has been damaged by prolonged years of
hydroquinone use! Age gracefully and not with


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