A Dangerous Malware Known As Ransom32 Discovered – Laptop Owners Beware

05 Jan

Laptop Owners Beware, A Dangerous
Malware Known as Ransom32
This is very important and after reading
this article, i would like you to share with
your friends that owns a laptop. Recently,
a deadly malware called Ransom32 has
been unleashed. According to Betanews,
this is the first JavaScript-based
ransomware that can infect Mac,
Windows, and Linux PCs. It does this by
using a Node.js runtime environment
running on the NW.js platform to hack
into an operating system, then it holds
the PC ransom.
The surprising thing is anyone can create
this on the dark web, all you will need to
do is pay 25% of the money generated to
the authors. According to Fabian Wosar, a
security expert via Betanews, “The initial
infection method is nothing out of the
ordinary, involving little more than using
spam emails to lure victims into installing
the ransomware. Delivered as a
compressed RAR file, Ransom32 self-
extracts and uses WinRAR’s scripting
language to configure the malware to
launch at system startup, establishing a
connection to a ‘command and control
server’ using the bundled Tor client. Files
are encrypted and a ransom note is
issued, warning that the cost of
decrypting files will increase as time goes
So what can you do to protect yourself?
Unfortunately, since anti-virus software
manufacturers have been slow to push
out definitions that detect Ransom32, you
have little help from them, what you can
do is:
Have a backup strategy in place.
Do not access .zip attachments in e-mails
from unknown senders.
Do not click links in e-mails from
unknown senders. If you can see the
actual link, copy and test it using this
Avoid questionable websites and never
click links in unknown web page.
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