54-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchild

08 Jan

A 54-year-old woman has given birth
to her own grandchild at the Medical
Center of Plano on Wednesday, in
Texas, USA.
Kelley McKissack’s , 28, and her
husband Aaron, 33, were trying to
conceive a baby for three years until one
day Kelley’s mother Tracey offered her
Tracey Thompson with her daughter
The desperate couple had undergone
multiple infertility treatments and
experienced three miscarriages before
their long-awaited daughter Kelcey was
born. And Tracey Thompson, 54, who
was already seven years past menopause,
became a surrogate mother for their
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From 23 Years Old Sperm (PHOTOS,
The happy parents with Kelcey
Mrs Thompson had received special
medical treatment to prepare her body
for the pregnancy and the embryo was
successfully implanted in her womb in
April last year. The proud grandmother
gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing
3kg on January 6.
Kelley (left) and her husband Aaron (right)
had struggled with infertility issues
“She’s a special kind of woman. My
lovely mum gave me the best gift I
could ever have in my life. You have
friends, and there are many women
who are willing to do it. I just want
people to know, you can have your
biological child still,” Mrs McKissack
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Tracey, Kelley and Kelcey
According to a new grandmother, the
hormone therapy was at times difficult,
and the pregnancy as well as delivery
wasn’t easy. But now everything is
fine, Mrs Thompson and baby are doing
well. “It is such a blessing that I can do
this for my daughter,” Tracey said.

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