Benin Prostitute Disgraces Man For Failure To Pay After Romance

09 Jan

According to a video that’s gone viral on
Facebook, here is what happened. This
man went to a brothel in Benin to have
fun with one of the prostitutes.
Everything was going on fine at first as he
tripped the babe and even bought her
cooked noodles. They got inside the
lady’s room and he started romancing
her. The lady asked him to pay but he
insisted he hasn’t done the real thing and
that he wasn’t going to pay unless he
does the “real thing” with her. The lady
kept insisting that romancing was as good
as doing the “real thing”. Lol. And she
held him by his trousers shouting on him
with an aim to disgrace him even as her
colleague came out of their rooms. The
guy held her tight by her jeans too
insisting they must go inside and do the
real thing, because according to hiim “You
cannot be paid for what you didnot
work. It is btter you let us go back
insde and do me well, and I go give
you your money with no wahala.
Shikena. We are in a democracy”.
photos below.

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