How To Properly Clean Your Touch Screen Phone

10 Jan

Today, I will be writing about a critical
topic that is affecting almost everyone,
considering the fact that we are in the
touch screen age, where almost every
phone user is carrying a touch screen
This piece will be a very practical one and
I enjoin you to pay close attention to this:
Step 1: Find a clean piece of cloth
a soft piece of cloth with out bottons or stones so as to avoid scratch or cracked screen.
Step 2: Turn off the device before
anything else.
The device used for this short tutorial is the Tecno L5.
Step 3: Brush Over Screen
After switching off the mobile phone,
brush over the screen with the piece of
cloth you have chosen. Some may use a
microfiber piece, some may use a linen
material, some may use any material
available but it must be clean and dirt
It should be noted that the brushing
should be in circles, i.e circular motion of
brushing is the method of elimination dirt
particles away from the surface of the
Step 4: Dampen Cloth with fluid
Now, here’s a tricky one, because this
screen has a lot of germs and so many
particles which makes the phone screen
dirty and malfunction at times, it is ideal
to dampen the cloth with a fluid. The
trick is which fluid to be used, because of
this tutorial, I am using an ethanol fluid,
popularly known as spirit. Distilled water
can also be used, as screen cleaners are
also available for sales from local shops.
Step 5: Brush Over Screen with Cloth
The final step is to repeat the third step
still in circles, although we now have a
fluid over the piece of cloth used. After
this step, you have successfully cleaned
your touch screen phone and now freed it
from germs and other dirt particles.
NOTE: Do not over repeat this process!

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