An Incredible Encounter Of A Scammer And His Victim: See What Happened

11 Jan

Aguda, a populated suburb in Surulere
local government area, Lagos state,
witnessed an encounter of a man and
a scammer who allegedly duped the
former into giving away N700,000.
The incident took place two years ago
in Ojuelegba, Surulere local government
area, Lagos state. The alleged fraudster
managed to run away, while his victim
was put in prison for 10 days because the
money was missing, and nobody believed
he had been duped.
A man in the red shirt allegedly duped
another man into giving away N700, 000
two years ago. Surulere, Lagos state
Last week the scammed man was coming
out of a bank in Aguda, Surulere, when he
spotted the offender. He immediately
raised an alarm, and dragged the alleged
scammer to his house, where his friends
slapped him around. Then came the
police and took the alleged fraudster
The victim managed to catch the alleged
offender, and hold him out to the police
two years later. Surulere, Lagos state
Dear raufworld readers! Stay safe, and
handle your money with care. Always
report cases of money fraud to the police.

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