50 Nigerian Celebrities And Their Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

24 Jan
Everyone has experienced one embarrassing moment or the other in one’s life. Celebrities are not left out on this. As a matter of fact, celebrities get embarrassed more especially, movie stars, who are usually embarrassed due to several roles they play in movies.

Some Nigerian celebrities recount their most embarrassing moments.

1 DESMOND ELLIOT- I’m Embarrassed When Women Offer Me Money Just To Sleep With Them

Have you had any embarrassing moment from your female fans?
So many, pleasedon’t even go there. So far God has been delivering me and I still pray for hiscontinuous deliverance.

Could you be more specific?

Some ladies call to have a date with you. Some others offer me money just to sleep with them;they make passes at me. Acts like these are embarrassing tome. The point is this, how many fine girls are yougoing to date? You just stick to the one you loveand life would be easier and more enjoyable.Women chase me because I am an actor andif they don’t do that, it simply means that I amnot yet an actor. In fact, being chased is not the issue, what matters is that whenever I perceive that I am about to be chased, I run.”

– “My Most Embarrasing Moment Was Falling Off Stage At Headies 2012”

3 WAJE- I Forgot How To Recite The National Anthem At An Event

The Nigerian music star in a recent media chat, narrated her most embarrassing moment as a celebrity, and for whatever reason she decided to make her little secret known to her fast growing fans.
Here`s her story;I forgot how to recite the National Anthem at an event four years ago.

“I sang the National Anthem for a company that had a show,they were launching something, so a client came to me, we are doing this so we want you to take the National Anthem (that was four years ago). Nomoreloss (another artiste) was the host of that event.“Going on stage, Nomoreloss said ‘do not forget the National Anthem’, and I indeed forgot it. In the papers, reports were flying around that Waje does notknow how to recite the National Anthem. She further said she was curious and surprised that she missed her lines during the recitation. She has redeemed herself from the embarrassment afterward.

4 MERCY JOHNSON- The Day A Guy Lifted Me Up At The Airport

Which is your most embarrassing moment?There have been a lot; some are negative whileothers are positive. A guy once saw me at the airport and lifted me up and said to me, ‘I hadtold myself that the first time I see you I would touch you and feel you real good’. There was another time a guy saw me at the airport and said ‘Mercy, hi.’ He tapped his twin sisterand said that is Mercy Johnson only for the sister to sigh and say ‘does she know us’?

5 DBANJ- My Trouser Got Torn On Stage

Could you recall one of your greatest embarrassments while on stage?

“I don’t really see anything as an embarrassment because I am an entertainer. But there was this show, Koko concert which I organized long time ago. I was performing on stage, and suddenly, my trouser got torn. As it happened, I bent down to conceal it butI was pretending to be dancing. Don Jazzy, noticing it, came to block me while I disappeared from stage. However, it wasn’t embarrassing for me because theaudience did not notice it. He told Vanguard.

6 JOSELYN DUMAS- My Most Embarrassing Moment Was The Day I fell On Stage in Denrele’s Shoes!

“Denrele was interviewing me duringthe channel O’ event and he came up with the game of ‘truth or dare’ and I decided that I would not want to tell Denrele and the whole world my secret. I decided to dare. He took off his shoes and put them on my feet. His shoes are 12 inch block heels and they felt as if I was wearing cement on my feet. It was the most embarrassing moment of my career.She told punch.

7 ZACK ORJI- Surprising Questions From People Embarrassed Me

What has been your worst embarrassing moment?
“One of the embarrassing moments I have had in my career was when we did theGlamour Girlsthereabout 1994, I was in another set, when oneman, Alex from Punch newspapers approached­ me and asked whether it was true that I have been suspended from my church. I felt very embarrassed because I knew I had been suspended from my church. He didn’t get any clarification and went ahead and published in the newspaper that I have been suspended from the church.
“Another time, I was walking along the street, some people accosted me and asked, ‘is it true that my wife broke my head with a stick?’ It was quiet embarrassing. Apart from these, I can’treally remember any embarrassing moment I have had. Zack recently told The Sun.

8 FUNKE AKINDELE- The Day A Woman Gave Me A Hot Slap At The Airport + The Day A Doctor Told Everybody That I Came For Pregnancy Test.

She said her recent embarrassing moment was:
“I was at the airport sometime back and a woman came to say hello. Of course, I greeted her politely. Again, she came and I did same thing. Again, she came and I was still my smiling self. This went on like 20 times and she brought many people to see me! When it was time to board the plane, I was on a queue and suddenly had a slap on my back! It was the woman and she said, ‘Abebelube’ (Yoruba word for a more-than-smart person) and laughed. I was hurt! But I just grinned and said ‘thank you ma.’The normal Funke Akindele would have reacted but I just reminded myself of the status. But I am human!

I remember having fever, went to the clinic, was askedto run a test and as my doctor attended to me, another doctor passed by and said in everyone’s hearing that, ‘Funke Akindele came for a pregnancy test!’ Though he was joking, what if those people picked it up and the rumour spread? Even if I came for a pregnancy test, am I not entitled to my privacy?It is not too enviable a world.

”Another experience…”It was the day an old man bashed my car. Repairing the car costs much money, as it can only be done by the insurance company. The car was badly destroyed, at the back and I was really furious. The old man came down from his car and spoke in Yoruba: “ Sulia jo dakun mabinu (Sulia, please, don’tbe annoyed), calling me the name of a character I played in my film, Jenifa. I just had to let the man go.”

9 UTI NWACHUKWU- I Was Embarrassed As I Didn’t Know Where To Insert My Joystick

Big Brother Africa alumnus, actor and TV Presenter, Uti Nwachukwu had described his first ever sexual experience as the most embarrassing moment ever.
” It was the most awkward moment, I didn’t know what to do. This was SS 2, I was 15 I think. I had no clue what I wasdoing, had no idea about the motions, I had problems finding where to put what and even after finding it, I did not know how to move,it was a disaster and my partner even complained about it. I was so embarrassed.There was nothing romantic about my first sexual encounter, no candle lights, nowhispers of I love you, it was aone night stand which was horrible.
After that day I went to watch some adult movies and by the second time I was a champion.”

10 OMAWUNMI- The Day My Bosoms Popped Out On Stage

Answering a question on why her bosoms popped out at an event, the Delta State-born singer revealed that, “because I have small shoulders and my titss are actually beautiful, I tend to wear revealing upper body dresses.”She added that, “when you are looking at the mirror, you are not well as tall as to see how troublesome it could be. That dress has feathers inthe front of it and before I left my hotel room, I asked someone if the dress was okay and she said yes.”
Continuing,­ Omawumi stressed that, “so, I wore the dress to the show and when I was performing at the show, of course, paparazzi took my pictures and released them. I realized that my Titss were practically pouring out of my dress, there was no way I could have put my bosoms back.”

11 KCEE- ‘I Was Embarrassed When I Was Asked AboutThe Chibok Girls In The US…”

Limpopo master Kcee recently spoke out on his embarrasment when he was questioned in the US about the missing Chibok girls.
“I was thoroughly embarrassed in the US a couple of days ago while I was on tour. In New York, the airport cab driver whotook me to my hotel, as soon as he discovered I was Nigerian asked, ‘have they found those girls.’ I was so embarrassed I had nothing to say.Again it happened in Los Angeles when another cab man asked me the same question.
Can you imagine a cab man saying that? It was very embarrassing and I realised that whether we like it or not, where ever we find ourselves in the world, we must defend the image of our country but we have to start from the very source of this problems.”

12 ICE PRINCE- My Trouser Got Ripped Off On Stage In Sierra Leone

On his most embarrassing moment:
“I was in Sierra Leone (while) performing at the stadium and my trousers got ripped off. It got ripped off all the way from the back to the front and I had to put on a towelon my boxers throughout the performance. It was really embarrassing, but my fans liked it and were even screaming. But to me, it was really embarrassing.”

13 DAVIDO- My Semi-Unclad Picture Scandal Embarrassed Me

Davido told Vanguard his most embarrassing moment.:
So what’s been the most embarrassing moment for you with girls and the fans?
“It was my picture that went viral.

The one that showed up in Ghana.Was it really your picture?

So why did you let down your guard?

I was sleeping, when the photographs were taken andthat’s it.

And what did you do to the girl after that?Nothing.

Is she still with you?
I don’t know where she is.

14 COSSY ORJIAKOR- My Most Embarrasing Moment was when a Man Grabbed My Bossoms InTraffic

Her most embarrassing moment:… ‘I was driving andinthe traffic, the guy walked up to me and grabbed my boobs and walked away.

15 OLAMIDE- I Went On Errand For A Bigger Artiste & He Accused Me Of Stealing His Money

Olamide just like anybody has this embarrassing moment that’s hard to forget. How he endured embarrassment before he became famous. You know, every expert was once a beginner. In an interview he had with E-24/7 reporter, Odu Black he talked about the embarassing moment, its quite funny though.

‘I will pick an incident that happened inthe studio a few years back. I was in the studio whenthis senior act came in to record a song and he said he was hungry. Who else will he send to buy food if not me who was the youngest in the studio? The money he gave me was not enough for his meal so I decided to use my own money and pay. I even used my own money to pay for transportation. When I got back to the studio with the food, guess what this guy said to me “Cabasa, tell this your boy to give me my change, if he wants money he should tell me and I will give him but he shouldn’t use trick and steal my money. I almost got angry, but one look from ID Cabasa calmed me down. Today, the guy is one of my biggest fans and he is planning to do a song withme.”

16 TIWA SAVAGE- My Dress Embarrassed Me On Stage @ My First Meeting With 2Baba

It was the day Tuface had his Album Launch Concertin Eko Hotel. Tiwa Savage was to open for him. Five minutes before she came on stage, this happened:
“My dress for the performance came literarily 5 minutes before I was supposed to go on stage so,I didn’t have time to try it on before my performance.The emcee announced: ‘next on stage is rising star, Tiwa Savage…’So I quickly put it on, and the next thing I was going stage. And as soon asI was walking on stage the Zip ripped at the back and I didn’t even know. Banky W saw it and was like ‘oh my God! Your whole back is open.’“And this was the first time I was meeting Tuface,MI… Banky W, there like I said, I was really, really embarrassed. They tried to pin me up but all these time the band and everybody was on stage, so I had to go back, change into something that was not planned. It was quite embarrassing.”
That was not how the story ends.“I was fairly unknown at that time. I was just asked to sing the National Anthem, and I remembered when they mentioned my name Tiwa Savage and everyone was like who is that?“But by the time finished performing, I actually got people standing up on their feet. So that, also, was a great moment for me.”

17 ANITA JOSEPH- The Day A Man Slapped My Buttocks

Embarrassed by fans?
“Yes, I remember when a manslapped my buttocks! I acted in a film and the role was that of a lady sleeping with many men. After the film, a man walked up to me and said he liked the way I shook my buttocks in the movie. He wondered if that was how I shake it in real life. I was embarrassed.

18 NUELLA NJUBIGBO- A Fan Embarrassed Me Because Of My Big Lips

Embarrassments from fans?
“Yes, I have been embarrassed a number of times. A guy saw me the other day and hewas like, ‘Oh, biglips! Jesus, na the lips wey I dey see for screen be these? Oh my God, see the lips o!’ Whenhe was saying this, a lot of guys were there.And he was just calling their attention to my lips. People around were looking at my lips and they were all laughing. I was embarrassed that day but I just smiled over it and left the place.”
Nuella told National Life in 2010.

19 BRYAN OKWARA- A Lady Laughed At Me the Day My ATM Said ‘Insufficient Fund’

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment
“I went to the ATM to withdraw money and I forgot I had spent some money in my account such that it was less than what I wanted to withdraw. I met a long queue. When I was tired of standing, I sat for a while but when it was almost my turn I got up and a lady who had taken up my position and got into a mild argument with me. Eventually, I had my way and went to the machine only for me to punchin the amount I wanted to withdraw and got the message “insufficient funds”. The lady who was standing rightbehind me saw the screen and burst out laughing “Ha ha ha, he no even get money sef”.

20 ERNEST OBI-When My Ex Acussed Me Of Impregnating My Daughter

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
“When my ex accused me of impregnating my daughter several times and had her terminate them. Iwas pushed to the wall and it got me thinking of murder. My woman and I separated in 2007 and she moved to London. I think she heard of my impendingmarriage to my fiancee and was angry so she came up with the allegations . I almost died. Two days later, she called me to apologize. I asked her to tell the press the truth but she said she could not face theworld. I also could not go round to say it was a lieso we left it like that.”

21 GRACE AMAH- When I Was Awarded The Best Bed-Hopping Actress Of The Year

The mother of one said her most embarrassing moment was when she won ‘the best bed-hopping actress of the year’ award.Hear what Grace said:
“When I was given the best bed-hopping actress of the year! That was years back and it was really horrible. Why in God’s name would anybody give me that kind of name? It was myself, Genevieve and one other person that were nominated and I actually got this horrible award as the best bed-hopping actress of the year. That is the one that I keep mentioning. And several others. Like when I had my child and people were saying the father of the child denied the pregnancy and denied paternity of the child. It’s actually crazy why any man should deny the paternity of his ownblood. And several others like that”.

22 MIKE EZURUONYE- An Old Woman Double Crossed Me & Slapped The Hell Out Of Me

In his interview few years back, Mike narrated to Vanguard his embarrassing moment from a fan:

Have you experienced any embarrassing moment before for playing a role?

“There wasthis Igbo film titled ‘Moment of Truth’ where I played an illiterate marketer. I was so obsessed with some girl I was helping in school.Chioma Chukwuka was the girl and I was really nasty in that film. Now there was this day I was driving and an old lady double crossed me. I came down from the car to know what was wrong. I was still asking ‘what is going on here’ and the next thing I knew, the lady came out from hercar and slapped me hard on my face.I was so shocked. I could not say anything. This was an old woman, even older than my mom. As if the slap was not enough, she started shouting at me ‘You are silly. You are mad. You are crazy’ I looked left and right to be sure it wasn’t a set up. I moved back a little because I could not understand what was happening.Two million and one things were running through my mind at the same time. She just kept on ranting: ‘How can you treat Chioma Chukwuka like that? Who taught you that as element of marriage?’ Iwas speechless. Then I understood and I was like, ‘oh my Godthis is all because of a film’. By the time she was yelling again, some okada riders packedandasked what happened.On hearing the woman mention Chioma Chukwuka, they knew it was about a film andstarted laughing. Today, that woman is one of my biggest fan. She forced me to lunch that day and when I refused she just got into my car and threw her car keys to her grand daughterand said, ‘anywhere you are going, you will go but we must go for lunch together’.We went for lunch that day and today, we arevery close. She calls and pray for me most ofthe time.”

23 RAMSEY NUOAH- When People Pass Vulgar Statement At Me

As an actor, have you had any embarrassing moment?
Yes, I’ve had a couple of people throw pure water at me (laughing) and people pass vulgar. statement at me.”

24 CHIKA IKE- A Fan Almost Kissed Me

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
“I have been through a lot in my career but I have not had any serious or major embarrassment lately; that wasin the past. But I don’t call them embarrassment though. I once had a fan who almost kissed me and many overexcited fans were all over me.”

25 DORIS SIMEON- A Man Slapped Me Heavily In A Traffic

She said;
“This happened in broad day light in Ketu. I was driving out from the market and there was this taxi man, maybe, he was fatigued or probably sleeping, frustrated, drunkor something, his car was in front of mine in traffic. As other cars were moving, he was not moving, so I had to over take him. To my consternation, the man alightedfrom his cab, came to where I was sitting behind the wheels and slappedme heavily. I felt so bad that I had tocome down to confront him. Toworsen the already tensed situation,onlookers that gathered immediately supported the man without listening to my own side of the story. They werelike: “you are a star, an actress, you shouldn’t have confronted him, and don’t you know he is aman.” Meaning Ishould allow people walk up to me and do whatever they like and go just like that because I am anactress. That was my most embarrassing moment,”.

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