Teenage rape victim raped again during treatment in hospital

02 Feb

A 15-year-old rape survivor was
attacked again at a hospital where she
was undergoing treatment
– She was allegedly sexually abused by
a security guard five days after the
first attack
– Police have launched an
investigation, two people were
A few days after a 15-year-old girl was
raped by a teenage boy near her home in
Parsudih area of Jamshedpur and
rushed to hospital, she was raped once
again — this time by a person meant to
protect her — a hospital security guard.
According to local media reports, 50-year-
old Shambhu Mahato accompanied the
girl to the hospital’s toilet, where he
sexually abused her.
Recalling the day her daughter was raped
the victim’s mother said: “ I went out to
get food for my daughter, when I
returned with the puffed rice, I saw her
was shaking and crying in her bed. She
told me the guard had raped her in the
I ran down immediately to look for him. I
learnt from the other guards that Mahato
had left. I told them what had happened,
and they asked me to keep quiet. They
said action would be taken.”
The teenager has now been shifted from
the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM)
Hospital to Tata Main Hospital. The police
have started investigation, arresting both
the boy and private security guard.

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