Pastor Molests 18 Year Old Girl Regularly to Fulfill God’s Prophecy

16 Feb

The 50 year old Oprite Amakiri who
has a wife and four children was
reported to have prophesied to his
congregation that God says he needs
a girl between the age 12 and 18
years old to massage his waist pain he
had been battling for over two years.
Following his prophecy a church
member who is a road side petty
trader gave out her 18-years old
sister in fulfilment of the pastor’s
prophesy from God.
Unknown to everyone the 18-years
old was just a victim of pastor Oprite
Amakiri who has molested her three
times with a threat to deal with her if
she expose him. The pastor’s evil
agenda got busted after he showed up
at the victim’s house unannounced to
get his regular massage which often
turns out to be a rape, only this time
the victim stopped him from gaining
access into the room for another
round of sex. Angered by his victim’s
resistance, Pastor Oprite Amakiri
called up her elder sister to report
that she was disrupting ‘God’s
prophecy’, The naïve victim’s sister
rushed home with dissatisfaction only
to find out from her sister that the
pastor had molested her on three
The trader raised the alarm and
Pastor Amakiri was arrested.
“The elder sister to the girl I
molested is a choir member of
my church. It was after choir
practice on Thursday that I
informed the sister that I
would like to visit her house for
a serious discussion and she
obliged me. The following day, I
paid her the visit and
requested that she allow her
younger sister (his victim), to
massage my waist, that I had
been having ache on it in the
past two years and every
treatment, drugs and injection
had failed. “She then went and
discussed with the younger
sister, who accepted to help
me. So, we had the first
massage treatment that day
while the elder sister was
around and nothing happened
between me and the little girl.
“On Saturday, I called her to
inform her that I was coming
back for the treatment, I got
there while she was about to
leave for choir practice in the
church. While the massage was
going on, I had the (sexual)
urge. So, I had carnal
knowledge of the girl. I have
successfully molested her three
times,” “I sincerely regret my
actions. It is like the ground
should open up and swallow
me. Don’t blame the devil for
what has happened, blame me
because I was tempted and I
did it
,” says Pastor Amakiri after his arrest.
The victim also testified,
“I was in the house when the
pastor came and asked me to
massage his waist. On the first
day, I massaged him, nothing
happened between us. But on
the second day, while I was
massaging him, he began to
touch my Bosom and molested
me. “I tried to escape, but he
held me and warned me never
to tell anybody what he did to
me. He has molested me three
times,” the victim said, adding
that she used vegetable oil to
massage the pastor’s waist.

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