Top 9 Most Poisonous Animals In The World – You Don’t Want To Mess With Them!

29 Feb

9. King Cobra – World’s Longest
Venomous Snake The King Cobra can
grow up to 18.5 ft (about three times
the average height of a human) in
length and it is known to eat other
snakes. A single bite of this snake is
powerful enough to kill a human on the
spot and just 7 millilitres a King Cobra’s
Venom can kill a fully grown elephant in
just three hours. Its venom is not as
toxic as other venomous snakes, but
King Cobra is capable of injecting five
times more venom than the black
mamba and can result in mortality up to
5 times faster than that of the black
8. Poison Dart Frog – World’s Most
Venomous Amphibian Just 2 micrograms
(the amount that fits on the head of a
pin) of its toxin is capable of killing a
human or 10, 000 mice or other small
mammals. They are called “dart frogs”
because indigenous Amerindians use
their toxic secretion to poison the tip of
their blow darts. This poison of this
animal can be found on its skin and will
kill anybody who touches or eats it.
7. Stone Fish – Most Venomous Fish The
Stone Fish hold the title of “World’s
Most Venomous Fish”. Its sting is so
powerful that some people insist it
causes the most terrible pain
experienced by man. It appears similar
to the colour of the stones in the water
(hence the name), this characteristic
makes it difficult for swimmers to
recognize it, step on it and trigger the
sting. A sting that would leave you
begging that the affected part should be
amputated. The Stone Fish has
gruesome-looking spines that are
designed to hurt any predator and
stepping on its spine would at best cost
you your leg and at worst your life
6. Brazilian Wandering Spider – 2007
Most Venomous Animal (Guinness Book
of Records) Not only is this spider the
most venomous spider, it also appear in
the Guinness Book of World Records
(2007) as the world most venomous
animal, it is also the spider responsible
for most human deaths. This animal has
a tendency to wander (thus its name).
They can be found hiding in houses and
cars of densely populated areas,
especially during daytime. It is also
called the “Banana Spider” because
they like to hide in banana plants. Its
venomous bite causes not only intense
pain, the venom of the spider can also
cause priapism – uncomfortable
erections lasting for many hours that
lead to impotence.
5. Blue Ringed Octopus This is a very
small animal, about the size of a golf
ball. Do not underestimate it because of
its size, it holds enough venom to kill 26
fully grown adults and unfortunately,
there is no antidote. To make matters
worse, its bite is usually painless; you
will only become aware of it when the
deadly neurotoxins begin to work, which
is almost immediately. If you ever get
bitten by this animal, you will be
paralyzed within minutes and unable to
breathe at the same time. Assuming
you receive artificial respiration, the
toxin will show you no mercy as you will
remain conscious until the venom is
neutralized by your body.
4. Puffer fish – Second Most Venomous
Vertebrate This is the second Most
Venomous Vertebrate (The first is the
dart frog) in the word. Its victim
generally dies form suffocation caused
by paralysis of the diaphragm muscles.
The poison can be found on the skin and
certain organs of many puffer fish. This
puffy fish produce rapid and violent
death. Puffer’s poisoning causes
deadening of the tongue and lips,
dizziness, vomiting, rapid heart rate,
difficulty in breathing, and muscle
paralysis. Victims die from suffocation as
diaphragm muscles are paralyzed. Most
of the victims die after four to 24 hours.
There is no known antidote. You
certainly do not need to be told to stay
away from this fish right? Surprisingly
enough this fish is a delicacy in Japan
and Korea. And you thought Nigerian
were stubborn. On the bright side, only
licensed chefs are allowed to prepare
this delicacy.
3. Marbled Cone Snail – Most Deadly
Sea Creature The Marbled Cone Snail is
very rare animal and its nickname is the
“Cigarette Snail,” it has ben said that
when you are stung by this animal,
you’ll have just about enough time to
smoke a cigarette before you stop
breathing. A single drop from this
creature is enough to end 20 adult lives.
Its venom causes severe pain,
inflammation, numbness, breathing
problem and even muscle paralysis. By
now you should know better than to
pick up this snail. Just in case you are
the stubborn type, we might also add
that there is no known antivenom. So
do not touch, ever.
2. Inland Taipan – Most Venomous
Serpent The venom of the Inland Taipan
contains enough venom to kill 100
grown men or 250, 000 mice. Believe it
or not, its venom is 200 – 400 times
more toxic that a common cobra. A
single bite can lead to death within
minutes. Fortunately, this snake is very
shy and there have been no
documented human fatalities (all known
bites have been treated with antivenin).
Yes it has an antivenin.
1.Box Jelly Fish – Most Venomous
Creature The Box Jelly Fish kills more
people every year than sharks,
crocodiles and stonefish combined. It is
transparent in nature making it difficult
to spot in water. The sting is so
powerful that the overwhelming pain is
enough to cause shock, drowning or
heart failure even before reaching
shore. The toxins from this creature
attack the nervous system, heart and
skin cells. You have virtually no chance
to survive the venomous sting, unless
treated immediately. After a sting,
vinegar should be applied for a
minimum of 30 seconds. Vinegar has
acetic acid, which disables the box jelly’s
nematocysts that have not yet
discharged into the bloodstream
(though it will not alleviate the pain).
Survivors experience pain weeks after
the contact with box jellies.

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