How he Successfully Quit Tramadol, U Too Can Do Same

17 Mar

Here is his story as written by him;Pls guys, forgive every form of
grammatical error, short hand or
omission, as this is written from my
phone and without editing. My story
could get a bit long, so pls be patient.
Before I go on with my story, I’ll like 2
first all thank d op of an earlier thread
“d use and abuse of tramadol” (see link
and also a particular nairalander by
name “painpill”, whose lol “mockery”
but constructive advice was the back
bone of my success in d fight towards
subduing d withdrawal effects and
consequently d reinstatement of my
body system, after d grip of tramadol
addiction. I write this today so that
those of us out there that r willing and
ready or r looking for ways to over come
this “disease” will be encouraged and be
guided duely.
Now my story
In 2013, I gained admission into one of
d greatest universities in d eastern part
of Nigeria to further my studies for a
masters program in Engineering. That
was d same year I heard n knew
tramadol for d first time. In fact back
then, d guys I heard it from were
undergraduates that uses this drug for
premature expulsion and extensive sex
duration. They always ask me how I
managed to last long during sex but
every physical n metal techniques
(which any ways took me years to
master) I try to teach never worked for
them except with d use of tramadol. I
didn’t know d drug nor it’s after effects
so I had nothing to warn them about,
but it really got my curiosity and I
wanted to try n see how it felt, since I
was also told it gives some level of
euphoria general body highness.
In fact during my tour around d East as
a result of research purposes, every
University I go, it seems it was d order
of the day. In fact one particular
University I went n spent some days, d
guys in and around d Lodge were taking
this drug not 4 sex sake bt 4 personal
highness and would even mix it with
some very strong alcoholic drinks,
despite d high milligram of dis drug
been consumed.
Personally I am a fan of highness… not
that kind of fan ooh… I don’t smoke,
nor do drugs, but I can drink for Africa
when I choose to. At this juncture, I
had to try it. I started with 200mg at a
stretch cos I believe I had a strong
immune and an athletic body type with
very strong brain capacity (as in unto
drinking), despite their warnings to start
with 50mg. Godddddd, I love d
feeling… It was almost like codeine
(don’t get me wrong, I had taken
codeine once or twice, bk then in abj,
some girl introduce me to it. but
because of its scarcity or should I say
it’s unlikelyness 2 get arnd, I didn’t get
to take often), made me relax, free
minded, and Godddddd, sleep with a
smile on my face.
I moved from 200mg to 300 or some
times 360mg, that was my max. I didn’t
get addicted to it then cos I wasn’t
taking it all d time, just when I felt like.
So in 2015, I was done with d course
work of my program and it’s exams n so
I went bk to lagos to search for a job.
Now at some point, Nepa begin Bleep
up, as in like Bleep up… For weeks to
months, there was no light. Sleeping
became difficult with d heat n
mosquitos of lagos, I remembered tram
n decided to tk it to ease my sleeping.
At this point, I was taking it everyday
constantly for more than 6 weeks.
December 28, 2015, I couldn’t take
tram because I was out of it n couldn’t
get it at d moment n decided to sleep
without it. I noticed my night was
terrible but I felt it was because of d
normal heat n mosquito conditions. D
next day, I had diarrhea (is that even d
selling?) n I felt it was normal, probably
took something my system reacted to.
In fact it was alcohol n I took some self
medications n because I was on drugs, I
didn’t bother taking tram. It went on
for 4 days, I was suppose to be getting
better, that’s just how my system works
but I noticed d purging stopped n d
stooling but I was still very weak, in fact
I knew I was not well. I went bk to d
pharmacy n complained but they told
me I will be fine, that I should just
continue with d oral dehydration
therapy. After a week without tram, I
knew I was getting worse, so I had to
run test.
D result of d blood test showed that I
was very OK, no typhoid, just very
minute malaria but one thing that d
result showed was that my white blood
cells were more than d normal count.
So I was hospitalized. I was giving drip
for more than 3 days constantly but I
took solace to d fact that I will be fine n
was still going thru treatment. When d
doctor discharged me, I went bk home,
even though was better than before, I
knew I still was my usual self. I was still
weak. At this juncture, I remembered
tram n how it would help me sleep fine,
I decided to take it n believe u me, I
felt my normal self again hours after
taking it for the first time in weeks.
Now late January 2016, I had some
things to clear in school n had to return
but by this time, my rent had expired n
I had to look for a place to squat. All I
could get was to squat with a yr 1
student I helped gained admission, who
was staying with 3 other guys in a very
small room with no fan. At this point in
my life, after 24 hrs of d last intake of
tramadol, I begin to feel like I was going
to fall sick. I begin to hv high body
temperature, more like an internal heat
n a feeling of nauseaness, so even if I
don’t want to tk tramadol, I feel like I
had to tk it cos I know those symptoms
will stop once taken. My first night with
these boys was terrible n I had to even
increase my intake from 200 to 300mg
at d time.
This continued everyday till March. In d
midst of all this drama, I was beginning
to know that I have become addicted to
this drug and I knew I have to stop!
Anyway I told myself I won’t take it,
the withdrawal symptoms that comes
was mad! So mad that I had to look for
the next available tram n pop. Lol in
fact I bought tram in quantum n carry it
everywhere I go.
One day I decided to go cold turkey…
That day was a day I will never forget in
a hurry. More than 24hours passed
without popping tram, I was a walking
corpse. I couldn’t believe this was me.
From the light-headedness to the
daylight Hallucinations to the uneasiness
to the weakness to internal heat abi na
for night? God! I knew I was in big
trouble. Lol I began to curse all those
pharmacist… R they even pharmacist?
Those greedy igbo men Jareh (am igbo
too, I know wat am saying) both in d
east n in lagos that sold those drugs to
me and realised y those real pharmacist
will always ask for prescription b4 they
Then I found that thread on nairaland. I
was so very interested. After reading
thru, I was hoping someone will admit
and ask how to go about stopping it,
then “painpill” gave some “larshing” but
experienced solution. I did some little
research about d drug n how to stop it
use and I stumbled upon a particular
site where I found ppl, lol, whose case
are far even worse than mine,
commenting and asking questions on hw
to go about stopping it.
Now after going thru d advice from
nairaland n d little research I did, here r
d steps I took which tremendously
worked in 8 days
How did it work?
1. Do not go cold turkey :
Stepping abruptly (cold turkey) is d
worst thing to do. It will never work.
Even if u were hospitalized, it won’t
help ur situation.
2. Conceive in your heart that u r
willing n ready to stop:
The battle against tramadol addiction is
more psychological than physical. U
have to be ready and willing to do
anything to ensure u win that battle of
withdrawal symptoms.
3. Know your Guage and use it in
tampping :
Tampping is a gradual way of stopping a
particular habit by slowly reducing d
quantity. because my avg max was
300mg, I bought 100mg tram, took it
on d first day.
4. Make a shift in periods of intake:
I took d 100mg at night say around 8
pm. normally tramadol works
approximately 24 hrs in my system, so d
withdrawal symptoms will start after
this time has elapsed. Day 2, at around
7- 8pm, I started feeling d withdrawal. I
managed to fight it till around 12
midnight, then took another 100mg.
Which lead me into day 3. I went to bed
early on day 3 knowing that the
withdrawals will come by 12 mid night
and managed to sleep thru, even
though it was hell, until the next
morning in day 4. I wanted to stop so
badly so I told myself I won’t take any
tram that day. But my dear, d
withdrawal symptoms was not helping
issues. I made sure I was not at a place,
I moved around as much as my strength
could carry me but then, I ended up
taking it at around 2 pm on day 4. (now
at least I hv succeeded in changing my
take in time and my system is beginning
to adapt to d new change.). That
evening in day 4, (at this point I was in
ph) I had to fake a prescription of 50mg
tram and paracetamol, then sent
someone much younger to get it. Now
in day 5, I was able to push further
without taking tram d whole day and
taking paracetamol in its replacement to
help with d headaches n high
temperature. Until around 6am in day
6, I took 50mg tram and engaged
myself in some litle work like washing d
cars (even though it wasn’t dirty), and
sleeping d compound so I don’t feel
idle. I was able to carry on for 2 days
without taking tram n with d withdrawal
symptoms gradually reducing to high
temperature, less Hallucinations n light-
headedness, n so on. On day 8 at
around 7pm, for d first time, I had fever
(note I have never had fever all d while,
even when I was hospitalized). I was
scared in a way but happy too cos
having fever was far better than having
withdrawal symptoms. So I took
paracetamol n d next morning I was
94% myself (without tram 4 three days
for the first time in my life in God
knows how long now). With that, I shut
down tram, shut down codeine, shot
down anything narcotics. Am on my
15th day now n am feeling d way I
should without tram (except for some
very slight normal headaches n fever
dat comes n once I tk paracetamol, it
subsides) and am very happy about
So pls my dear nairalanders,
plsssssssssss, like painpill said, “stay out
of cheap drugs”. Thanks for your
audience and sorry for taking all your
note:this was copied from nairaland.

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