Please Advice Me!! Am Tired Of This, My Husband Loves To Cúm In My Mouth – Wife Cries Out

08 Apr

Read below:-
My husband loves to in
my mouth and it’s becoming
very annoying , when ever his
about to, he just
withdraws straight into my
mouth ,and if I don’t open he
will keep malice with me for
months and will not touch me.
So I decided to make peace
reign so I started allowing him in my mouth but I don’t
swallow it, I will just carry it
and pour it out in the bath or
on the sheets. So he noticed it
and got even more angry that I
must be swallowing it, I refused
and he brought his normal
method of malice, so I accepted
because am afraid of breaking
my home.
So when ever he in my
mouth he uses his hand to
cover my nose to help me
swallow it by force , and after
that I will cry my eyes out
cause I feel like throwing up .
And I am tired of this, he
makes me hate s.ex. We don’t
have any kids yet because he
always make me swallow all of
his in my mouth instead
of private part .
Am getting fed up. I feel
maltreated and cheated.
So I want to ask, is this part of
domestic violence ? How can I
fight it ? Am tired. Nigerians
please advice me.
Drop your comments.

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