5 things that would make you look older than your real age

21 Apr

The world may not be a very good place
to live in but then, nobody wants to die
either. So while you are busy mounting
the whole pressure of the world on
yourself, you should learn to slow down
and take things slow.
We all know the world we live in is filled
with trials and tribulations, beautiful
moments and perhaps moments considered
gory; all in all, we have to make the most
out of it and learn to live life to the fullest.
Without trying to be offhanded and spooky,
does being so depressed at the outturn of
things ever change the resulting events? No
man can add a day to his destined years by
worrying but you can sure add a grey hair
to the hairs on your head.
One irony of life is that people do all they
could to look older while growing in order
to command respect, but after a certain
stage in life, these same people try their
best possible to look younger than their
real ages.
There are a number of factors responsible
for making people. And subsequently, we
would be addressing them in the following
list of five factors:
1. Worrying
It may be true that one may not be able to
shake off the incessant thoughts about life
and its dealings, struggling to make ends
meet seems to be the predominant
thoughts for most people.
Doing this overtime makes most people
become worked up. In the process,
depression and other things may set in.
People who worry constantly tend to lose
their youthful look overtime and add a
score to their ages in the process.
2. Strenuous work
While hard work may be linked to success,
it does not translate to success. Engaging in
strenuous work could make you look
twenty years older than your real age. This
could be proved by running into your old
school mates who probably pass for your
mother now.
While being active may make one agile,
there is the tendency for one’s skin to lose
its elasticity in the process.
3. Poor nutrition
Certain kinds of foods promote youthful
and healthy look. Basically, you are what
you eat. What you eat reflects what your
skin is going to look like. There is every
tendency for you to look older than your
real age due to poor nutrition. Eating foods
that boost your immune system helps
enhance your complexion.
4. Inadequate rest
Many people feel they could cheat nature
by going about their everyday work like
robots. Fatigue can drain the color off
someone’s face and could make a person
look older. Not only would inadequate rest
make the face dull, it would make bags
grow under your eyes.
5. Relationship stress
Many women look older than their ages
after going through series of heartbreaks.
In marriages, some women lose their
youthful vibe because of the constant
stress they go through as a result of bad or
broken relationships.

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