Insane Pastor: How Man of God Kidnapped, Beat and Rap3d Us – Victim Recouts Ordeal

27 Apr

“The pastor pushed me to the bed at
gunpoint and said we must perform a ‘free’
pornographic movie to make my friends
jealous. He put his fingers inside my
private parts. I pleaded with his wife to
make him stop.”
This was a harrowing experience of one of the
three girls who were kidnapped by a rogue
Carletonville pastor who also r*ped and
assaulted them in his house.
The victims who spoke to us at the weekend
recounted their eight hours of hell in the
hands of the randy pastor. It was gathered that
on the night of April 3, the gun-toting pastor
took turns r*ping them after assaulting them
with a baton and a wire in the bedroom while
his wife watched TV in the lounge.
The pastor also threatened to shoot them and
murder their families should they attempt to
flee. Two of the girls are 17 and 18 years old
and are members of the pastor’s church in
Wedela township in Carletonville while the
third victim is a 25-year-old friend of the two
“He brought me into the room and said we
must have a foursome. We refused. He
forcefully penetrated me with his fingers
and once he was aroused he proceeded to
rape my two friends who were bleeding
from being assaulted.”
Earlier the pastor had locked the room and
forced the girls to strip n*ked.
” We pleaded with his wife to help us. We
could hear her laughing. He forced me to
watch as he raped each of them at
gunpoint. I prayed to God to spare our
lives,” said the 25-year-old who shook as she
described their experience.
” My family was all I could think about as
he was molesting me. My body had been
numbed from all the physical pain I had
endured from him,” said the younger girl.
At some point during the ordeal, the pastor
looked insane and was rambling on about how
he’d kill them. However, he panicked and
released the older woman after her family
called and threatened to send the police to his
house. The police later came and rescued the
two girls and arrested the pastor. Now, the
pastor faces three counts of rape and assault,
two of kidnapping and one of pointing a
firearm. It was revealed that the parents of the
girls had sent them their because they had
believed he could give the girls spiritual
guidance and job. But, things turned around
for the worse.
“He would hit me with his fists and then
lock me in the bedroom for days,” the
younger girl said.
It was also revealed that the two teenagers
had earlier escaped from the pastor’s house
only for him to track them down and take
them back. He used their older friend to track
them down. He brought all three back to his
house where he allegedly assaulted and raped
“This horrific incident has broken our
family. We trusted him with our children
only to learn that we were feeding a sex-
hungry monster. I’ve lost faith in church
leaders,” said the mother of one of the
victims. The victims are receiving psychological
help and police are preparing them for the
court case.
The new development has left the pastor’s
congregation totally in shock after the
allegations were made against him. Congregants
of the church headed by the alleged sex-pest
pastor have been left in the lurch.
The place where the tent church once stood,
on an empty field in Wedela township,
Carletonville, and found out that it was
dismantled a few days after locals heard that
the pastor was linked to the assault and rape
of three girls from their neighbourhood. The
pastor, who is also involved in a property
business and runs a driving school, had
relocated his church from Khutsong township
in March, ahead of the Easter holidays.
“The church has been dissolved
indefinitely. Everybody is shocked at what
he did. We are angry at him and don’t want
anything to do with him anymore,” said a
former church member. Another former
congregant said the church had about 50
members and a few of them had since joined a
nearby church led by the pastor’s mother.
“We accepted that he practised polygamy
[but] why he would rape still baffles us, ”
said the former congregant. The pastor’s house
in Carletonville and saw a truck loaded with
tents and a fence parked outside. His wife did
not want to comment immediately.
“I know what happened. We will call you
and give comment,” she said on Thursday.
She never called back and her phone remained
off yesterday.
The incident shocked the people of Wedela.
One of the victims show bruises on her body
“I know those girls. They like going to
parties but that doesn’t mean they
deserved what happened to them. The
perpetrator should be removed from
society, ” said one of the girl’s neighbours.
Warrant Officer Peter Masooa confirmed that
the pastor was charged with three counts of
rape and assault, two of kidnapping and
another of pointing a firearm.
The court rejected his bail application and he
will be back in court next month.

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