Father Beats Up his 17 year Old Son in Boxing Match as Punishment for Skipping School

29 Apr

An unnamed American father has come up with
a form of ‘discipline’ most parents will be
hesitant to apply. A video posted to Facebook
shows the father challenging his teenage son to
a fight after learning that the lad walked out
of lessons without telling him. He then
proceeds to pummel the precocious young
man leaving him a bloody, sobbing mess. The
video has gone viral garnering nearly
1.5million views.
The clip starts with the unnamed father sitting
in front of the camera explaining why he is
about to go toe to toe in a boxing match with
his son.
He tells viewers: ‘Hi Facebook world. So my
son, 17 years old, decided he wants to go to
school and cut up [mess around] like he
don’t want to have to come home and see
‘So one day he walked out of the teacher’s
class and, granted, I know teacher’s can be
f****d up so I let him know he can walk
out of class, but call me so I’m on your
‘All day went by, he didn’t call. So now, it’s
discipline time because he didn’t do what I
told him to do.’ He goes on to explain that he
has chosen the specific form of punishment so
it both disciplines the teenager and teaches
him how to defend himself. The father, who is
wearing a white vest top, sports shorts and
black gloves, then puts the camera down and
shouts: ‘Put them gloves on, let’s go.’ He can
then be seen helping his son put a pair of
boxing gloves on. The son, who has also not
been identified, can be seen covering his face
as he nervously stands in the middle of the
room. His father checks the camera to make
sure the show is rolling before walking up to
his son and starting to punch him.
The boy does his feeble best to cover his face
with his gloved hands as his father repeatedly
hits him while berating him about missing
school and discussing the ways to punch
someone. The teenager does not manage to
land even a single punch in return. Throughout
the fight, the father continues to shout at him
as he claims: ‘You don’t worry about this
when you’re cutting up, do you?’ He also
mocks his son, saying: ‘That one hurt
didn’t it.’
The teenager can be heard gasping as his father
states: ‘ You don’t worry about blood. They
don’t see this at school do they.’ The fight
ends when the man lets his son go and wash
his face under a tap.
The father then returns to the camera and
states: ‘ That’s how you discipline a
teenager. Give them a chance to shoot
‘Let him show he he feels. He feel like he
want to cut up at school – he knows the
consequences. He has to deal with me
when he gets home. That’s what it is –
teenage discipline 101. And that wasn’t
even the first round.’
The final shots show the teenager clutching a
tissue to his nose with his white T-shirt
covered in blood.
His father tells him to say ‘hi’ to his friends
and ‘sorry’ to his teacher, which he does,
before the camera is finally turned off. The
father has come in for both praise and
criticism online.
Effective method of discipline or just too

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