Real Madrid Named As The World’s Richest Football Club By Forbes, See Where Your Club Is..

12 May

Real Madrid has been named as the most
valuable football club in the world according
to Forbes magazine.
The Spanish giants has been valued at just
under €3.2 billion and top the list for the
fourth year in a row.
The Champions League finalists are just ahead
of Spanish rivals Barcelona. Both teams and
Manchester United are the only football teams
in the world to be valued at over €3 billion.
Six Premier League teams make the top-ten of
the list with Manchester United and Arsenal in
the top-five.
Despite their relegation, Newcastle United are
ranked as the 20th most-valuable team in the
world. West Ham United are also in the top-20
and will be expected to rise even higher in the
table next-season with an improved television
deal and the move to the Olympic Stadium.
NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys remain the most
valuable sports-team in the world and are
joined by rivals, the New England Patriots in
the top-five. The American teams book-end the
Spanish duo and Manchester United.
Unsurprisingly, Premier League champions
Leicester City have not made the list.
See the Top 10 Richest Clubs & Their Values
1. Real Madrid $3.65 billion
2. Barcelona $3.56 billion
3. Manchester $United 3.32 billion
4. Bayern Munich $2.68 billion
5 Arsenal $2.02 billion
6. Manchester City $1.92 billion
7. Chelsea $1.66 billion
8. Liverpool $billion
9. Juventus $1.3 billion
10. Tottenham Hotspur $1.02 billion

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