Ways To Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work

05 Jul

Sexual harassment at various places
of work is no longer news as we have
heard of several cases were either
the male or female worker must
have been sexually harassed either
by their boss or a colleague in the
It is also known that women usually
experience such sexual harassment
and advances more than the men.
I am writing on this article due to
the fact that there are numerous
victims of sexual harassment at their
place of work and don’t know what
to do to resolve the issue.
So what is sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is an unwanted
and undesired sexual approach for
sexual service which makes the
affected person to feel intimidated,
hurt or disgruntled. Sexual
harassment is very harmful as it
makes the victim to be unable to
carry out his or her duties
Sexual harassment are being carried
out in different ways (either verbally
or physically) through unwarranted
kissing/ touching, sexual demands,
lewd and vulgar interaction, sexual
assault etc.
So what can be done when
sexually harassed at work?
Well, we shall discuss in this article
some few steps to take in other to
empower you on how to deal with
any form of sexual harassment.
Talk to the person about your
Immediately you sense any sexual
inconvenience while carrying out
your official duty with either your
colleague or boss, it is best you
inform such person to stop
immediately. Let your harasser know
that you feel uncomfortable with
their advances or behavior and if he
or she continues to harass you,
threaten to file a report either to the
HR department or any legal body.
Also ensure that you keep your
distance and avoid being alone with
such an individual.
Remember, when you keep quiet,
your harasser believes that you have
approved their sexual desires and
therefore sees it as an opportunity
to continue to carry out his/her
sexual advances.
Have proof or an evidence:
After telling your harasser about your
displeasure of his behavior towards
you and yet still makes sexual
advances, then it is sensible that you
collect enough evidence to back you
up when you finally report him/her.
Ensure that you get substantial
details like the date/time the
harassment occurred, comments,
remarks etc. It is even better if you
get the incidence either on audio
recording or video recordings.
There are numerous spy audio
wristwatches, video glasses or voice
recording devices that you can use to
his comments or video his sexual
Find and interact with other
Finding other victims that were
sexually harassed by the same
individual will go a long way when
you give your report as they will
stand as a witness to your claim.
Also, other victims who had past
experience can guide you and put
you through the process they use in
filing a complaint towards their
harasser in the past.
Inform the HR Management:
When the issue is getting out of hand
especially as the harasser did not
stop his sexual harassment towards
you, it is advisable to quickly contact
the Human Resources Management
in your company. The function of the
human resources management in
this situation is to inform, guide and
give you expert knowledge on the
necessary steps and actions needed
to be taken as regard the sexual
harassment being experienced.
Please endeavor to present all
necessary documents and evidence
when filing your complaints to the
HR department while keeping an
extra copy for yourself.
Take the issue to court and file a
law suit:
Should you desire to seek a legal
resolution to the sexual harassment,
it is advisable that you get a lawyer
that is sound in sexual harassment
related cases. You can decide to take
the issue of sexual harassment to
court and file a lawsuit. You can file a
lawsuit should in case your employer
or boss fired you because of the
event or should you wish to seek
financial damages.
Overall, resigning from your place of
work should be the last resort after
every option proved abortive and
make sure that you have secured
another job before your resign. Also,
it is advisable for companies to have
a written policy that clearly states
what action is to be taken in case of
any sexual harassment and measures
to stop it


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