“I Killed 110 People Identified As Witches” – Pastor ( Shocking Video )

19 Jul

Is it because it is not Northern Nigeria?
This is Akwa-Ibom state where children
as young as 2 years old get tortured into
confessing they are witches then
ultimately killed or abandoned to die.
Just go to Youtube and search for
“Torturing children in Akwa-Ibom” and
cry your heart out at the graphic videos
there where pastors, Yes you read me
right, PASTORS order the killing of
children the label witches and this
happens like every other day. EVERY
DAMN DAY in Akwa-Ibom. Where are
all the so-called human rights activists
when we desperately need them? The
only people so far doing anything about
this phenomenon are oyibos. CNN even
interviewed Akpabio about this and
guess what? Nothing happened.
What are WE doing about this please if
we really care about our own people?
Why are we not outraged enough to
sign petitions and demand the President
to release a press statement about
these? Are the cries of these innocent
children not painful enough in your
ears? Is it because it wasn’t a
Muhammad or Ibrahim that are the

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