VIN Check: 1 Step You Must Never Skip Before You Buy A Car In Nigeria

27 Jul

The benefit of doing a VIN check in
Nigeria before you purchase a car can
never be overestimated. It will help
save your hard earned money and most
importantly your time amongst others. I
have always known that some of us
would do anything to sell our cars.
However, the extent of this malicious
act has grown from unreasonable to
You won’t believe what my eyes have
seen as I am currently trying to get a
2007-2010 Camry for a client. The
issues vary from flooded cars, rolled
back mileage and extreme accidents to
jalopy cars that look picture-perfect
online. The car that drove me to the
brink was a 2009 tokunbo Camry on
OLX for N2m which looked good enough
coupled with the usual hype from the
Nevertheless, something seemed amiss
because the price was too good. As
usual, I requested for the car’s VIN to
determine its history before going for a
physical inspection. The disastrous
history report revealed it was sold as
scrap/destroyed car in USA and shipped
to Nigeria 4 years ago, but the seller
misrepresented this car to be a clean
tokunbo, despite the fact that it has
been registered and used in Nigeria for
3 years.
These same reasons compelled me to
start importing all my client’s cars from
the USA and Canada in 2011, it has
been cheaper and less stressful as the
entire process from purchase to delivery
is usually done from the comfort of my
home. Fast forward to 2016, looking
inward has become inevitable due to
the sky-high dollar exchange rate.
Therefore, clients with constrained
budget have to settle for tokunbo cars
while some prefer the Nigerian used
Finally, when a deal seems too good to
be true, then you need to be more
careful e.g when the price is too
fanimorous, the low mileage is not
commensurate to the age of the car
(e.g a 2001 model regular car will hardly
have a mileage of 75,000 miles), when
the seller wants you to take the car
after paying 60% deposit while the
balance will be spread over 3-6 months
(in this case, the car is probably a
Nigeria used car presented as tokunbo
and it’s not worth more than your initial
deposit so the balance you’ll be paying
is extra profit to the seller) etc.
Let’s all make Nigeria great again.

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