Teenager Gives Birth At Ilu Iboro Without Being Aware Of Pregnancy

28 Jul

19-year old woman Mutiat Abiona
has given birth to a baby girl
without knowing that she was
pregnant all through nine-month
pregnancy period.
She delivered the baby at Ilu Iboro,
on Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway when
she went to visit a relative. The baby
weighs 4.0kg.
According to an eyewitness, Mutiat
at the relative’s place complained of
stomach pain and before the people
knew what was happening, signs of a
baby’s impending arrival were seen.
“They quickly partitioned a side of
the house with clothes and delivered
the woman of the baby.
She gave birth to the baby beside
the wall there. In fact, they used
blade to cut the umbilical cord,” he
Neighbours, who were surprised by
the development called for a nearby
doctor’s assistance.
Before the doctors’ arrival, she was
attended to by some midwives.
“On arrival, two doctors just cleaned
up the baby. They were from the
General Hospital. I was with her
when she had the baby. They went
to greet someone there when she
started having contractions. She had
a baby boy and he weighed 4.0kg.
It was the women who live in the
house that attended to her when the
contractions started,” he said.
She denied having knowledge of
the pregnancy but admitted
having a boyfriend who she gave
his name as Lekan, a 20-year-old
brick layer.
According to her, she usually met
Lekan at Akeola Street on the
Expressway whenever she visited
her Aunt on weekends.
“You can imagine, neither she nor
her Lekan boyfriend knew about
the pregnancy. This is surprising,”
he said.
Mutiat’s mother, who was at the
scene, corroborated her daughter’s
claim, saying they had gone to do
some tests in the hospital and they
were told that there was nothing in
her womb.
“From my investigations, she told me
that she always met the guy every
weekend when she went to her
aunt’s place. She lives with me and
throughout these last nine months,
there was no sign of the pregnancy.
She still wrote the last November/
December West African Senior
Secondary Certificate Examination
She did not know that she was
pregnant,” she said.
However, a medical doctor Monsurah
Kadri described the incident as
nothing new.
Dr Kadri said “it is not a new
“We do see it. It is possible that her
stomach would not bulge. She would
notice some bodily changes but the
fact that she does not have people
who are really observant would not
make her think along that line.
“When some people despite being
pregnant, still see some blood, they
may think they are on their period
but it is not.
“She also did not go for ante-natal.
So, there would be no cause to
screen her. There was a case we had
when I was still in the university.
The patient denied all the questions
posed to her. It was when her
stomach was opened up that we saw
uterus bulging. Nobody thought of
pregnancy. Her parents were
worried about her because nobody
knew what was wrong.
Unfortunately, they didn’t do
pregnancy test.
“Since she didn’t have older people
experience enough to notice those
subtle changes, she could not have
known. Also, being a teenager, it is
common among them. Even if she
notices that she is getting fatter, she
may be doing many things to hide it.
It is not strange,” the doctor

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