Parents And Potential Parents In Islam

29 Jul

I guess I should start by mentioning
that this is not an attack on parents, but
rather it is something I strongly feel
should be discussed based on the
incidences I have personally witnessed.
A while back, an incident occurred
which really hit me hard.
The incident reminded me of the
hadiths and advice given by the prophet
(may peace and blessing be upon him).
I was reminded about the importance
of choosing the right spouse, the
importance of family, and the
importance seeking Islamic knowledge.
As narated by Muslim (145) from Abu
Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with
him): The Messenger of Allah (peace
and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:
“Islam began as something strange and
will revert to being strange as it began,
so give glad tidings to the strangers.”
Al-Sindi said in Hashiyat Ibn Majah:
“Strange” refers to the small number of
its adherents. The basic meaning of
ghareeb (a stranger) is being far from
one’s homeland. “And will revert to
being strange” refers to the small
number of those who will adhere to its
teachings even though its followers are
many. “So give glad tidings to the
strangers” means those who follow its
commands. “Tooba (glad tidings)” has
been interpreted as meaning Paradise
or a great tree in Paradise. This shows
that supporting Islam and following its
commands may require leaving one’s
homeland and being patient in bearing
the difficulties of being a stranger, as
was the case in the beginning.
This struck me because this something I
witness almost daily as a Muslim.
However, what struck me even more
was that the youths have become
strangers in their homes.
What do I mean?
There is nothing more heartbreaking
than when I see youths trying to
practice Islam and their parents stand as
obstacles on their path. I have seen
with my very eyes parents who are
meant to be guardians, literally prevent
their children from doing good, and in
some cases encourage evil. For
instance, some parents object to their
sons keeping their beards, and their
daughters wearing the hijab. How can a
father prevent his son from growing his
beard? How can parents prevent their
daughters from wearing the hijab or
niqab? How can parents encourage free
mixing in the name of socializing and
Why have we become so materialistic?
Why have we forgotten the true
purpose of life, which is to worship
Allah? Why have we suddenly forgotten
about the hereafter?
There are ABSOLUTELY no justifications
for parents or anyone else to advice
their children to give up a religious
commitment for material things
Allaah says to the believers
(interpretation of the meaning):
“O you who believe! Ward off
yourselves and your families against a
Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and
stones, over which are (appointed)
angels stern (and) severe…”[al-Tahreem
i.e., enjoin them to do good and forbid
them to do evil, and do not neglect
them lest they be consumed by the Fire
on the Day of Resurrection. Tafseer Ibn
Katheer, 5/240
I would really like to remind our
beloved parents and future parents,
including myself, that children are a
special trust from Allah. It is never easy
raising children especially in this day and
age. We should all try to raise children
in a manner that is pleasing to Allah and
in manner that would benefit us after
our deaths.
It was reported that the prophet (peace
and blessing be upon him) said “When a
human being dies, all of his deeds are
terminated except for three types: an
ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge (of Islam)
from which others benefit, and a
righteous child who makhes du’a for
I would encourage everyone to be from
those who encourage good and forbid
evil, those who seek correct Islamic
knowledge and those who raise children
who will carry the banners of Islam.

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