Man Dies From Snake Bite Then Wakes At Funeral And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next Again…

30 Jul

A young man in India who
was presumed to have died
after being bitten by a snake
rose up from the funeral pyre
at the moment it was set on
The 23-year-old man, named as
Sandeep, was attacked while
collecting wood from the
forest. When he arrived back
in his village in the Raisen
district of the Indian state of
Madhya Pradesh, he told his
family about the snake bite.
Instead of taking Sandeep to a
hospital, they brought him to a
traditional tantric practitioner
in a nearby village. But the
tantric’s treatment proved
ineffective and it was assumed
the young man had passed
Villagers were left baffled at
what to do because some in
India claim that those who die
of snake bites should be buried
rather than burned.
In the end it was decided that
his body was to be taken to the
local cemetery where a funeral
pyre was prepared. But when
the fire almost reached the
body of Sandeep, the young
man started to shout and
people realised he was still
Sandeep was taken to the same
tantric practitioner instead of a
hospital after he regained
But again his life could not be
saved, and the tantric declared
Sandeep dead for the second
time. He was taken to the
district hospital where a post-
mortem examination took

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