15 Funny And Wise African Proverbs To Make You Laugh And Roll On The Floor

31 Jul

Checkout these hilarious and
wise African proverbs that
will be leaving you laughing
so hard you might pee in your
Here are some hilarious
African proverbs ever thought
of from across the continent:
1. The anger of a p*nis cannot
destroy the v*gina.
2. The day a mosquito lands on
your testicles is the day you will
know there is a better way of
resolving issues without using
violence. (Senegal )
3. There’s no virgin in a
maternity ward. (Cameroon)
4. A child can play with its
mother’s breasts but not with
the father’s testicles. (Ghana)
5. He who says that nothing
lasts forever has never tried
Hausa perfume. (Nigeria)
6. The man who marries a
beautiful woman and the
farmer who grows corn by the
roadside have the same
problem. (Ghana)
7. When you see a woman
sitting with her legs open,
never tell her to close them,
because you do not know her
source of fresh air. (Ethiopia)
8. The only woman who knows
where her man is every night is
a widow. (Togo)
9. An erected p*nis has no
10. If you go to sleep with an
itching anus, you are sure to
wake up with smelly fingers.
11. The monkey who tries to see
the hunter clearly collects
bullets in its eyes (Nigeria)
12. The frowning of a he-goat
does not stop it from being
13. If the sun claims superiority
over the moon, let it shine at
14. A hen does not expect
warning to hide it’s chicks from
the kite.
15. A man does not test the
depth of a river with both legs.

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