Get These 4 Things Right And Life After Graduation Will Be Smooth For You

01 Aug

Gone are the 1980s and 90s when
life was smooth for fresh graduates.
When plumb jobs were readily
available and all that was required
for a fresh graduate to get a job was
a certificate.
The game has changed since. A
smooth life is no longer easy to come
by for fresh graduates.
The game has changed because
competition has stiffened. The
number of ‘qualified’ graduates in
need of jobs exceed the number of
available jobs.
However, if you want a smooth life
after graduation then you need to
get at least 3 out of these 4 things
#1. Good academic standing
It is absolutely true that ‘having good
grades doesn’t necessarily mean
having the ability to deliver results’.
But on the other hand, having good
grades shows that one was able to
commit to the exercise of schooling
and hard work.
That’s one of the reasons why
employers use the academic
standing of job applicants to cut
down the list of qualified applicants.
This means that graduating with low
grades will reduce your chances of
getting a job. And the opposite is
true; having excellent grades
increases your chances.
#2. Hard skill
This is one advice I give every
undergraduate I meet. Acquire a
hard skill by all means because it will
make you better off.
Now in case you are wondering; hard
skills are specific abilities that can be
define and measured. That which we
popular refer to as “hand-work”. It
can be sewing, writing, ability to use
a software, etc.
Having a hard skill will ensure that
you never become jobless after you
graduate. So, even while you are still
hustling for a job with an oil
company, you can be sewing
beautiful shirts for sale.
Hope you get the point.
Get these 4 things right and life after
graduation will be very smooth for
#3. Work experience
Students are expected to have
gained some level of work
experience before graduation; that’s
the reason why Industrial
Attachment (SIWES or IT if you like)
was introduced.
Now, employers know that most
students don’t do Industrial
Attachment rightly so they no longer
take the experience gathered during
the period seriously.
Also, student does Industrial
Attachment and so it makes no
difference if you do too.
However, you can take it further.
Asides the usual mandatory
Industrial Attachment, you can take
up a part time job or internship in an
area you’ll love to work after
Another thing you can do is to start
and run a business before
Imagine the difference it will make if
you talk about your part-time job or
entrepreneurship experience in your
CV. You can include such as your
work experience and it will give you
an edge over your mates.
#4. Attend to motivational
I will tell you a simple truth:
95 percent of my friends who gave
time to reading motivational and
self-help materials (books, blogs,
audio and magazines) are succeeding
in their finances, social life and
Now, the reason for that is fairly
As students we are made to deal
with a lot daily; assignments, group
work, the impromptu test you
missed, and so on. All of these can
wear someone out and cause
Motivational materials can help you
get our mojo back.
They ‘ginger’ us when will feel weary
and tired. They remind us to not
give up, to be hopeful, and to remain

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