This Is What Can Happen When World Population Reaches 18 Billion

01 Aug

What can happen when world
population reaches 18 billion?
The world will not reach 18 billion
people, for the same reason that you
cannot sail a yacht in your bathtub.
Many scientists think Earth has a
maximum carrying capacity of 9 billion
to 10 billion people. This is based on
mass refusal to give up eating meat.
Around 10 billion people is the
uppermost population limit where food
is concerned. It’s probably not quite
even that many. The truth is that
nobody really knows, but a world with
18 billion people would mean a lot more
people starving and living in poverty,
which would mean far more conflict.
Things would be bad!
While it is said that all (current) 7.3
billion humans could fit inside of New
York City, space isn’t the issue. (And
that’s a terrible idea!) The real limiting
factors are finite resources, especially
food and water.
Other factors for limiting human growth
on Earth are the nitrogen cycle,
available quantities of phosphorus,
atmospheric carbon concentrations, not
to mention fossil fuels or whatever
replaces them.
The good news is that the UN says we
are a population close to being in
decline. Globally, the fertility rate is
falling to the replacement level of 2.1
children per woman, which is the rate at
which children replace their parents and
make up for those who die. If the global
fertility rate does indeed reach
replacement level by the end of the
century, then the human population will
stabilize between 9 billion and 10

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