Witches & Wizards Association of Nigeria Cries Out Of Being Persecuted – Shocking Details

07 Aug

Witches and Wizards in Nigeria have
made serious complaints about the
way they are being treated.
A group, which calls itself Witches
and Wizards Association of Nigeria
(WITCAN), has described Governor
Adams Oshiomhole as a workaholic
while commending him for
transforming Edo State.
The group, which also asked
Oshiomhole to put in place measures
to ensure that the forthcoming
gubernatorial election in the state is
successful, however, complained that
its members were being persecuted,
pleading that the persecution should
stop. It spoke through its Publicity
Secretary, Dr Okhue Iboi.
“Members of our association are
apolitical. We are not partisan. Our
own concern as stakeholders in the
project called Nigeria is for peace and
unity to reign. Our own witches group
are not evil. We do good, and promote
whatever will bring progress to
mankind. We love Nigeria. Oshiomhole
has been working very hard in the last
seven years plus, and he has
transformed Edo State, but he should
be very vigilant so that some hoodlums
working for some political godfathers
don’t unleash violence which may lead
to the destruction of properties and
lives,” Iboi, a trado-medical
practitioner, told Sunday Vanguard in
The witches spokesman disclosed that
the task of delivering the message to
Oshiomhole and other political
gladiators in Edo State was given to the
witches during a meeting members of
the group held at Irrua.
“We were holding our monthly
meeting at Irrua, and, suddenly, while
looking at our crystal ball in the coven,
we saw some things that were
frightening concerning Edo and
thereafter I was mandated as the
spokesperson of the group to deliver
this message to the governor, and
other stakeholders that have one thing
or the other to do with the
governorship election in Edo State. But
we are making a special appeal to
Governor Oshiomhole because he is
the Chief Security Officer of the state.
He should liaise with the police, INEC
and other stakeholders to ensure that
peace is maintained before, during
and after the elections,” Iboi said.
Warning politicians in Edo State not to
see the election as a do-or-die affair,
he said political parties and
candidates taking part in the election
must respect the will of the electorate.
“Power belong to God and He alone
gives it to whomsoever it pleases Him
to give it to. But one fact our
politicians must know is that the will of
the people must be respected” .
While advising politicians to take the
witches warning seriously, Iboi said:
“Witches are not joking over this Edo
election. We will not allow any
individual or group to destroy the
state or give it a bad name. It is
unfortunate that many Nigerians are
hypocrites. When they hear witches or
read about witches, what comes to
their mind is evil or darkness. For our
own witches group, we are children of
light. We are for good. Have people
forgotten that even in the Bible there
is a story of King Saul who consulted a
witch when he was about to go into a
battle to enable him know how the
battle will go?
“Again people tend to forget that
Nigeria is a secular state, Nigeria
doesn’t belong to only Christians and
Muslims, the nation is for all faiths.
They should stop persecuting witches
or look at us with disdain. As
stakeholders they should allow us to
make our own contributions to the
growth and development of the
The witches spokesperson said the
election is going to be a straight battle
between the candidate of All
Progressives Congress, APC, Godwin
Obaseki, and that of Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, Pastor Ize
“The battle is a straight one between
Iyamu and Obaseki, and the election is
going to be hotly contested. But on who
is going to win, we are holding an
emergency meeting at Ofosu next
Wednesday, and the person who is
going to win the election will be
revealed to us at that meeting.”

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