Remember The Nigeria Vs India Match That ended 99- 1 ? Here ’s Everything You Should Know about the story!

08 Aug

Virtually everybody born before the
invention of the internet must have
heard the tale of a nonexistent
football match between Nigeria and
India that obviously took place in a
parallel universe and somehow we
got to hear the gory stories of that
Though there are many variations of
the story, every prevaricator seems
to agree on a couple of facts about
this fictional football match . Each
storyteller agrees that;
1. This match ended with India
scoring 99 goals and Nigeria
scoring just one goal.
2. Nigerians where unable to kick
the ball because the football kept
turning to a lion ( or something
scary ) to prevent them from
playing the soccer ball .
3. The Indians later agreed that if
Nigeria could score a goal, they
would concede defeat
4. Samuel Okwaraji scored the
winning goal and lost his life in
the process .
5. FIFA banned India from soccer
because they used black magic in
that very game
With the help of common sense
(not that it was absent back then ) ,
quick access to information and the
internet, every right thinking
Nigerian has come to realize that
such a story should be filled under
“ Blatant Lies” .
Why Did This Story Thrive For So
Most people like to pass off this
story as true with the fact that no
one has ever seen India in an
International Football Match . Since
no one actually saw India participate
in most international soccer games,
this gave a little credence to the
story. India
Another reason this lie could thrive
for long was the fact that credible
information was not readily
available at our finger tips. It not
like every Emeka, Audu and Ojo
could visit Google in a matter of
minutes and tell our ominous
fabricators that they should stop
spreading toxic lies .
And to be honest we have a tingling
feeling that this lie was concocted
by an elder of a community
because, let’ s be honest who
questions the words of the elders in
Nigeria. Remember , what an adult
sees sitting down a child will never
see even if he consults Google, Siri
or Cortana.
The Element of Truth In This
On the 12th of August 1989 , Nigeria
lost Sam Okwaraji .
Sam Okwaraji was the player
rumored to have lost his life in that
game when in truth he died during a
FIFA World Cup qualifying game
against Angola in the 77th minute .
He collapsed and died of cognitive
heart failure . May his soul rest in
Perfect Peace. AMEN
So that is the only truthful thing
about that story , the fact that a
Nigerian player died during a
football match . That ’ s it . The match
was not against India, we did not
lose the match and as you must
have guessed , and there were no
lions either .
What Is The Deal With India
India qualified for the 1950 FIFA
world cup as a result of the
withdrawal of their scheduled
opponents . But the Indian football
governing body, the All India
Football Federation ( AIFF) decided
against going to the world cup , being
unable to understand the
importance of the event at that
Some of the Reasons shown by the
AIFF included the cost of travel , lack
of practice time , team selection
issued and valuing the Olympics
over the FIFA World cup. It should
be noted that FIFA agreed to bear a
major part of the travel expenses,
but it did not really help their
decision making.
Was India Banned For Refusing To
Play Barefoot ?
No .
The 1948 London Olympics was
India’ s first major international
tournament, where a predominantly
barefoot Indian team lost 2 -1 to
Following the 1948 Olympics FIFA
imposed a rule banning barefoot
The belief that the Indian team
refused to play because they were
not allowed to play barefoot is not
entirely true according to the then
team captain who said it was just a
story to cover the disastrous
decision of the AFIF.
After the 1950 fiasco , India has
never come close to qualifying for
the World Cup.
The reason you do not see India in
World Cup competitions is because
they do not qualify
So Does The Indian Team Wear
Soccer Boots?
Yes .
In the 1952 Olympics , the Indian
team lost 10 – 1 to Yugoslavia
(talking about taking a beating ). As a
result of this magnanimous defeat
the AIFF made it compulsory for its
team members to wear boots
Is it Possible to win a match with
a 99 – 1 match margin ?
Yes .
It is absolutely possible to rake 99 –
1 from a single football match . Let ’ s
take a walk down memory lane and
see how this is even possible . Now
allow us to digress .
The highest scoring soccer game was
149 -0 !
You’ re probably wondering how a
soccer team could be so bad that
they let 149 goals be scored , but
the truth is it was a form of protest .
The event occurred in 2002 after a
2- 2 draw between rival teams Stade
Olympique de L’ emyrne , or SOE, and
AS Adema of Madagascar , which
resulted in the referees awarding a
penalty causing SOE to lose the
During a match fixing debacle in
Nigeria, the Feeders scored 72 of
their 79- 0 victory in 45 minutes of
play. Police Machine scored 61 of
their 67- 0 victory in the second half .
At one point , they scored four goals
in a minute .
Arbroath won Bon Accord 36 – 0 in
1885. It held the largest margin of
victory in professional football
where both sides wanted to win .
So , yes , given the “ right
circumstances” , a team could
actually receive 99 – 1 beating
without any black magic
whatsoever .

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