Reasons Why Memorising The Quran Is Good For Your Brain.

19 Aug

The spiritual rewards for memorising
the Quran are common knowledge for
most Muslims. But knowing that a habit
is good for you and starting to actually
do it aren’t one and the same. We’ll
admit it: It can be hard to get excited
about memorising. That’s why we want
to give you a slight push in the right
Although you expereince a sense of
spiritual reward once you’ve memorised
a surah, the act of memorising isn’t up
there with more exciting learning
experiences like finding out how
something works or getting introduced
to the work of a brilliant novelist.
Memorisation tends to fall short of
delivering the rewarding “highs” that
entice you to keep ploughing ahead.
Even many educators these days dismiss
the value of memorisation, setting it
aside in favour of “real” learning. It’s
true that simply learning by rote
without taking the words to heart is a
waste of your mental energy, which is
why we at Understand Quran Academy
have made it our mission to help you
understand the Quran. You should be
pursuing real learning, not just mentally
recording a bunch of facts long enough
to pass a test.
On the other hand . . . memorisation is
in fact a very important part of real
We hope that by bringing you some
important information we can motivate
you to add the habit of memorisation to
your Quran studies. Yes, even when we
can open our smartphones and read the
Quran at any hour of the day or night,
there are some major benefits to
1—Learning something by heart really
does mean taking it into your heart,
making it a part of you, making the
sounds, rhythm, and hopefully the
meaning a lasting part of your
neurological functioning. And if
memorising poetry sweetens your soul
and makes you wiser, what spiritual,
mental, and emotional blessings can you
expect from memorizing passages from
The Message?
2—Memorisation is a kind of mental
workout. Regularly pushing your mind
to memorise passages of text is forcing
it to work, thus a good way to keep it in
shape. Keeping your mind active helps it
function better, both in the short term
and long term, even staving off mental
decline in your sunset years by
improving neural plasticity!
3—You may not always have Internet
access. Do you really want to limit your
Quran recitations to the times when
you have a book, a computer, a
smartphone, and a reliable Internet
4—Is there someone out there you
need to encourage? Being able to recite
the Quran by heart to a discouraged
friend, for example, may just turn their
emaan around!
5—Memorizing something makes you
an expert. For example, the ability to
rattle off Surat Al-Asr gives you a special
position of knowledge, i.e. the ability to
return to this surat as often as you like
wherever you are and to share it with
others. And what better field of
knowledge in which to gain expertise
than the Quran?
6—When you discover, problem-solve,
and use your creativity— three of the
most pleasant ways to learn— you still
depend on something called “working
memory:” your bank of stored
information. The more and the better
the information you can store in your
working memory, the smarter you you’ll
7—Even with lightning-fast Internet
connections, remembering something is
still much faster and easier than looking
it up online or even finding a print copy
of the Quran and looking up the surah.
8—When you succeed in memorising
something you’ll gain the confidence
needed for other mental tasks. Learning
special techniques for memorising helps
you succeed and develops your skill set
even further.
Now make those good intentions a
reality and start a memorising program

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