10 Tips Of Organizing Your office

26 Aug

A clean and well-kept office makes a
strong impression on how employees
view their jobs. To get started the
following tips will help you;
1. Develop a system for tracking your
daily activities, such as a “things to do”
2. Eliminate clutter, allot time for
periodic sifting and sorting: discard, give
away, or sell surplus possessions.
3. Organize your office and home so
everything is accessible; use active and
inactive criteria for placing items.
4. Use an organizing principle for
organizing your files; alphabetically, by
number, color, chronologically etc.
5. For a few, a messy desk is the sign of
genius. for most, a messy desk is the
sign of disorganization and neglected
paperwork. Budget regular time to file
and clear off your desk.
6. Get into the habit of dating what you
are working on so it will be easier to
keep it organized. Date written material
on the front or back; incorporate a date
into the name of a computer file.
7. To avoid lateness, give yourself an
extra 10 or 15 minutes to get to
8. If you need additional help organizing
and getting rid of clutter, take a course
or a seminar, hire a time management
consultant, read articles or books, or
watch a related video.
9. Create your own days or dates, on a
weekly, monthly, or annual basis, to
clean off your desk, your files, your
closets, or to overhaul your organizing
10. Have a handy the names, addresses,
phone numbers and pick up schedule for
charities, recycling, or resale shops that
will welcome your old stuff or reading
materials to get rid of your clutter.

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