Nigeria Rated 3rd Best Programming Nation In Africa Behind Egypt Nd South Africa

04 Sep

If you ever wondered about which
country produces the best
programmers, wonder no more.
A new report from California-based
HackerRank, a service that administers
tests to developers around the world,
says it’s China.
Second place goes to Russia, and Poland
takes bronze. Traditional programming
powerhouses like the US and India
came in at 28th and 31st, respectively.
HackerRank offers its community of
programmers, apparently 1.5 million
strong, with challenges to hone their
skills. It examined data from these
challenges from the last few years to
come up with the rankings, scoring
developers from different countries and
finding national averages.
“According to our data, China and Russia
score as the most talented developers.
Chinese programmers outscore all other
countries in mathematics, functional
programming, and data structures
challenges, while Russians dominate in
algorithms, the most popular and most
competitive arena,” according to
The US’s position at No. 28, behind
countries like Japan, Greece and Chile,
might seem odd, especially for the
country that basically birthed the
internet and created so many of the
coding tools used today. This could
potentially correlate to a lower
emphasis on maths and science in
American schools, as this Pew Research
report details.
This is also not the first time that
America has been humbled by the likes
of China and Russia in the programming
arena. At the collegiate level during the
recent ACM International Collegiate
Programming Contest, schools from
China and Russia beat out the likes of
Harvard and MIT.
We restricted the data to the 50
countries with the most developers on
HackerRank. Here’s what we found:

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