2 Mistakes We Commit About Prayer.

16 Sep

Prayer is the key that unlocks all doors. It
eases all perceived difficulties and
strengthens the weak. It has the
unimaginable power to change destiny
and an inestimable strength to confirm
and retain what has been achieved. The
Prophet (SAW) says, “There is nothing
that can change the destiny except
prayer”. Despite this, we tend to commit,
among numerous others, 2 mistakes in
praying to Allah (SAW)
1. We wait for trouble before we pray.
The prophet (SAW) says, “Whoever that
wants his prayer to be answered at the
time of trouble, should pray to Him at the
time of ease”. Here the Prophet is
encouraging us to sow seed of prayers
before we seek to harvest. He wants us
to have a saving account full of prayer
before the day we will want to withdraw.
He does not want us to wait till when we
will be in problem before we remember
where out tesbeeh (rosery) and Qur’an
is. But our brothers and sisters today,
including this head, always wait till that
day when he needs money, needs job,
good wife and responsible husband before
he seeks Allah’s intervention. He does
not feel the need to call upon Allah when
not in any trouble. Again, if you want your
prayers to be answered at the time of
trouble, call Him at the time of ease.
2. We stop the prayer when our prayer is
answered. Typical human, he forgets
where he reaps after harvesting. Now
your prayer is answered and your request
is granted, you flee away from that prayer
like you never did it before. Allah (SWT)
says, “And when some hurt touches man,
he cries to his Lord (Allah Alone), turning
to Him in repentance, but when He
bestows a favour upon him from Himself,
he forgets that for which he cried for
before, and he sets up rivals to Allah, in
order to mislead others from His Path.
Say: “Take pleasure in your disbelief for a
while: surely, you are (one) of the
dwellers of the Fire!”.
Don’t let this verse manifest in you.
Don’t stop that prayer forever. Once in a
while, revisit the prayer and do it, if you
cannot do it regularly again.

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