Overcoming Challenges In Islam

16 Sep

It has to do with the way we see
challenges, when challenges comes our
way, instead of focusing on it, we should
turn to Allah. The purpose of challenge is
not for me to carry it, but it is for me to
ask Allah for help, to take care of it.
While you are turning to him, you have to
work on it externally but your heart
should be with him. All the things we
think as means or solution, are all about
We don’t turn to Allah when we have
problems, that is why we are left to
ourselves, because we are trying to carry
the burden on our own, we are trying to
solve the problems by ourselves.
Why do we breakdown when faced with
challenges? It is because we are
depending on things rather than Allah. for
example, we depend on doctors and drugs
when we are sick, rather than asking Allah
to heal you, then you use the drug.
Everything that comes our way has a
Everything given to us by Allah can be
good for us “only” if we respond to it as
something good .when we are face with
challenges ,we should seek Allah
immedietly. for instance ,when you are
given a difficult question to answer in
class, we try really hard to solve it ,we put
the pressures on ourselves ,what if we
ask the teacher to put us through,
imagine how easier it becomes.
When Allah test us ,the purpose is for us
to ask Allah for help. our ideaology is
that, we depend on people ,that is why
we fail ,and we become weak.
My dear brothers and sisters in islam, rise
above the water ,don’t expect too much
from the creation ,expect everything
from Allah .He can do it and he will do it
.even if he doesn’t do it ,he has a better
plan for you.
Ibn al-Qayyim said :
“were it not that Allah treats his slaves
with the remedy of trials and calamities,
they would transgress and overstep the
mark. When Allah wills good for his
slaves,he gives him the medicine of
calamities and trials according to his
situation, so as to cure him from all fatal
illnesses and diseases,until he purifies and
cleanses him,and then makes him
qualified for the most honourable position
in this world,which is that of being a true
slave of Allah (uboodiyyah), and for the
greatest reward in the hereafter,which is
that of seeing him and being close to

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