Why It’s Important To Pray Without Ceasing Even When It Seems Hard To Pray

18 Sep

Why should a Christian pray? How often
should I pray? These questions and
many more are constantly heard from
people. Some people wonder if there is
really any need to pray. This post is to
emphasize the importance of praying
without ceasing to Believers.
Pray without ceasing, give thanks in
all circumstances; for this is the will
of God in Christ Jesus for you. (2
Thessalonians 5:17-18)
Praying without ceasing – what does
that really mean? Does it mean that we
should always be on prayer mode ready
to fold our hands and bow down our
heads at any given minute of the day?
That would be wonderful, but the
meaning of this instruction Paul gives to
the church in Thessalonica goes beyond
just the act of saying a certain prayer. It
goes back to the attitude of the heart.
One of the biggest misconceptions
people have today is that we can go
through a full day without Him. Truth be
told, if God completely left you to
yourself today, you’d be gone before
you even knew it. Colossians 1:17 says,
“And he is before all things, and in him
all things hold together.”
The presence of God is essential to our
everyday lives, and to “pray without
ceasing” is to acknowledge that as a
reality that we live by. Essentially, it can
seem like a tall order to pray without
ceasing but in reality it’s the easiest life
we can live.
Here are three applications to praying
without ceasing and what it does to us.
Continued dependence
To pray without ceasing means to
continue in our dependence towards
Jesus for anything and everything. Jesus
is the very reason of our existence and
is now the prize that we run to. Without
Him there would be no meaning to
anything we say or do. We are to live
acknowledging that very reality- that
without Jesus we are nothing.
We depend on Him for provision,
protection, purpose and significance at
all times, and to be separate from Him
is to be void of all these things.
Continued declaration
As we continually be in an attitude of
prayer, we continue in our declaration
of who God is in our lives. We declare
Him as master when we surrender every
endeavour we have through the day.
We declare Him as provider when we
look to Him for daily bread. We declare
Him as healer when we acknowledge
Him in times of hurt or distress.
On the other hand, to refuse to have an
attitude that prays without ceasing
declares that we have no need of God.
What kind of declaration would you like
to make today?
Continued devotion
Devotion means commitment. What or
who you are devoted to greatly affects
what you choose to do and how you live
your life. To devote ourselves to God
means to constantly acknowledge that
everything we do is by Him and for Him.
More than words, our devotion is a
reflection of our heart. When we devote
our hearts to God, we acknowledge our
desire to be with Him and to live for

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