Nigerian Born Adetomiwa Edun Featured As Alex Hunter In FIFA17, The Journey(videos)

20 Sep

Adetomiwa Edun gives his voice and
face to the player “Alex Hunter” in the
new FIFA17 The Journey story mode
Who is Alex Hunter?
Alex Hunter is a 17-year-old multiracial
male from Clapham,London . Hunter’s
grandfather is former English striker Jim
Hunter (20 goals in the 1966–67
season). Under his grandfather’s
guidance, Hunter has decided to play as
a footballer in the Premier League the
The game will feature a new single-
player story campaign mode titled The
Journey for PS4, Xbox One and Windows
where players assume the role of Alex
Hunter, a young footballer trying to
make his mark in the Premier League .
The player will be able to select one of
20 Premier League clubs to play for at
the beginning of the season. The player
can play any position including
goalkeeper. The story mode also
features a dialogue wheel , similar to
the Mass Effect series.
Hunter, a character inspired by the likes
of Raheem Sterling and Andros
Townsend, is thrust into the first team
and finds himself in the same dressing
room as superstar footballers.
At a recent hands-on event, I got to
play this scene. In the demo provided
by EA, Hunter had signed for
Manchester United. We see him and
close friend Gareth Walker, who has also
signed for Man Utd, looking agog at
their names on their shirts in the
dressing room. They’re proud, excited
and scared.
Adetomiwa Edun is a British, Nigerian
and Ghanaian actor best known for his
roles as Sir Elyan in the television show
Merlin and Alex Hunter in the football
videogame FIFA 17 .
Early life
Edun was born in Lagos , Nigeria, to a
Nigerian father and a half-Ghanaian ,
half- English mother. Edun moved to the
United Kingdom at the age of 11. He
attended Eton College from the age of
13, before reading Classics at Christ’s
College, Cambridge (University of
Cambridge ). In his final year at Christ’s
College, he won the dissertation prize
for his thesis on Homer’s Odyssey . His
father, a financier , encouraged Edun to
banking as a career, and he interned
with Citigroup . He considered studying
for a Master of Philosophy degree, but
decided to attend the Royal Academy of
Dramatic Art (RADA) instead.
In 2000, Edun appeared at the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival , as the
character Clifford in the show Kassandra
by Ivo Stourton . Edun attended RADA,
appearing in several productions and
graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in
Acting in 2008. Following his graduation
from RADA, he played small parts in
productions at the
Almeida Theatre and the Liverpool
Playhouse .He also played
Macbeth in a production of the
eponymous play by the National
Theatre, earning praise for being
“charismatic” and a “fine verse
speaker”. In 2009, Edun became only
the second black actor to play Romeo at
the Globe Theatre when he was cast in
Dominic Dromgoole ‘s production of
Romeo and Juliet. He also appeared in
Slaves , a play by Rex Obano .
Edun has also appeared in several
television shows. In 2009, he appeared
in an episode of The Fixer , before a role
in Law & Order: as a soldier returning
from the war in Afghanistan . During
series three of Merlin, Edun appeared as
Elyan in three episodes, and was
upgraded to a recurring character in
series four . Elyan was killed off during
the fifth and final series of Merlin in
2012. In 2011, he appeared in two
episodes of The Hour as the character
Sey, and reprised the role for three
episodes in 2012.
In FIFA 17 , Edun assisted the role of
the fictional Alex Hunter as part of The
Journey, a brand new story-based game
mode introduced for this installment.
The Journey’s story won’t just take
place on the pitch of course. Just like a
real football career, you’ll be part of all
of the elements of Alex Hunter’s career
from panicking in his bedroom back at
his Grandpa’s house to travelling on
private jets and seeing his name on the
back of a shirt for the first time.

FIFA 17 Story Mode: What we know so far about “The Journey” so far..

FIFA 17 – The Journey – Official Trailer –

The Making of the journey

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