10 Facts You Must Know About Apple Iphone Owners In Nigeria

27 Sep

1.98% of them dont knw the extension
of appstore apps dedicated to install on
iOS is .ipa e.g facebook.ipa while
installation file extension for android is
.apk e.g facebook.apk.
2.98% of them would upgrade their iOS
several times a year without asking
whats wrong or right about that Latest
3.98% of these users dont knw how to
boot their devices into safemode,
DFUmode, restore mode which is
relatively important for their phone’s
4.98% of them dont knw what icloud
does aside locking the fone to “find my
5.98% of them dont knw their contacts
are not saved to their sims
6.98% of them paste the stickers of
their newly bought idevices on their cars
7.98% of them dont even knw why
their phones bluetooth doesnt connect
to other phones, why it has a non
removable battery and non expandable
8.98% of them want you to knw they
are using iphone, so they either use it
witout protective pouch or prefer
pouches dt ll leave the apple logo space
9.98% of them dont use another
smartphone yet cant use their iphone
wtout a small phone…dependent is
their 2nd name
10.98% of them dont knw y apple call
jailbreak illegal and most amazingly 98%
of them look down on android users.

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