How To Download Instagram Videos And Pictures Without An App

28 Sep

Instagram is an online mobile app for
photo sharing, video sharing, and social
networking. It service that enables its
users to take pictures and videos, and
share them either publicly or privately
on the app, as well as through a variety
of other social networking platforms,
such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and
Flickr etc.
Its creators, Stanford graduates Kevin
Systrom and Mike Krieger. Now, stand
to share the best part of $1billion that
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg paid
for their creation,
The problem is Instagram doesn’t let
you save photos or videos from within
the app. I’m not completely sure why
this isn’t an option, but I’d argue that
copyright laws may have something to
do with that, along with the fact that
Instagram wants you to use the app
rather than download photos directly to
your Phone.
How to save photos and videos from
Instagram without using any app
Follow these easy steps
1. Login to Instagram using your
username and password
2.You will then see all the photos and
videos that are in your Instagram feed.
Simply select the photo or video you
want to download to your Phone.
3. Copy the URL of the picture or video
For pictures
Go straigth to your browser paste the
link and save
For videos go to this webiste
paste the link of the video
click on Dre down
and download

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