Facts Science Cannot Explain

03 Oct

some facts Science cannot explain.
Most things exist and science are
unable to give an accurate explanation
for them examples:
1. 95 percent of the world are Right
handed science is yet to give an
explanation for that
2. During winter an insect called fireflies
do light the same time at night science
is unable to provide explanation for this
3. Birds do travel for more than than 50
kilometers without map,GPS and still
return to the same spot science can’t
explain how this happens.
4. during Grazing, Cattle either face
north or south to eat grass they Will
never face west or east, science can’t
explain why they choose the north or
south to graze.
5. A region in Mexico where no radio
wave can be received,in fact no
electronic transmission is possible
6. scientist can’t still give an
explanation why we need sleep
7. why do magnet always have North
and south poles?when u divide magnet
into two each fragment will still comes
out to have a north and south poles
8.The most puzzling of all of them if you
ask me, how do you explain love?There
are a bunch of experiments that claim
that love is hormones, and that “true
love” isn’t real. But there isn’t a
definite way to prove that given love’s
outrageous tendencies.You can be in
love one day and absolutely hate the
same person the next day. Chemical
reactions make sense, but the speed of
which they happen or are overcome
make any research with them very

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