HILARIOUS: The Meaning Of These Kenyan Schools Will Make You Pee In Your Pants.

03 Oct

There are Kenyan schools whose names
can be an embarrassment on your CV,
yet names, in African settings, are
believed to have influence in one’s life
1. Magui Secondary School
Magui means a group of mongrels!
2. Kiangoma
Kiangoma Boys Secondary School means
‘belonging to madness’ in Kikuyu.
3. Nyakemincha Primary School
Nyakemincha in Kisii means ‘tail.
4. Ukia Girls
The name of this girls’ school in
Makueni County translates to ‘erect’
5. Dry’s Girls Secondary School
This is a girls’ boarding school in
6. Eshisiru Secondary School
Eshisiru among the Luhya means
7. Ng’onyi Boys
The name of this day school imply, ‘your
(female) genitals’ in Luo land.
8. Male Girls
This is a girls secondary school in

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