Top 5 Books You Should Read Before Turning 25 Years Old

22 Oct

In my own words, “this is the
building block of reading any book
before you turn 25 years old”. Keith
Harrell made this book a foundation
of whatever life circumstance you
find yourself in, either a positive or
negative situation, the book help you
understand how the right attitude is
most important to every issues of
our life. My best quote from the
book should sum it all up; “life is
10% of what happens to us and 90%
of how we react to it”. Keith is
recognize from the wall street
journal as “A star with Attitude”. The
book states 10 steps in turning your
attitude into positive action.
Stedman Graham, author of you can
make it happen in is words said
“Inspiring and comprehensive. Keith
Harrell offers not just another
motivational book, but step-by-step
instructions on how many have
benefited by taking responsibility for
their own lives. This book is required
reading for anyone wishing to tap
into his or her potential.”
“A positive attitude is the key to
success for all of us, and Keith’s book
demonstrates life-changing ideas and
suggestions for turning attitude into
action. This topic is Keith’s specialty,
so the information contained in the
book comes straight from his heart.
We all need to hear what he’s saying
and put it into action in our everyday
—Les Brown, author of Live Your
2: RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert
Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book
written by Robert Kiyosaki and
Sharon Lechter. It advocates the
importance of financial independence
and building wealth through
investing, real estate investing,
starting and owning businesses, as
well as increasing one’s financial
intelligence to improve one’s
business and financial aptitude. Rich
Dad Poor Dad is written in the style
of a set of parables, ostensibly based
on Kiyosaki’s life – wikipedia
Before you turn 25 and have plans of
having financial Independence
thereof, then this book is a must
read for you. Robert broaden my
scope about getting job, been a
entrepreneur, inheritance,
investment etc, it all boil down to
asset management which the book
provide life practical ways to improve
your financial stability before you
turn 30, but make sure you read the
book before turning 25.
Stephen Hawking
Not a science enthusiast? You first
question can be, for what? But real
intelligence lies in diversity, it is only
expedient for you to know a bit of
everything. Newton knows this and
said intelligent persons should find
the connection between Art, Science
and Religion. Much more reasons
why this is included in the list of Top
5 books you should read before
turning 25 is the great knowledge
the book offers in science and the
existence of our universe.
Wikipedia describe it as thus A Brief
History of Time: From the Big Bang
to Black Holes is a 1988 popular-
science book by British physicist
Stephen Hawking. It became a
bestseller and sold more than 10
million copies in 20 years. It was
also on the London Sunday Times
bestseller list for more than four
years and was translated into 35
languages by 2001
-Stephen Hawking attempts to
explain a range of subjects in
cosmology, including the Big Bang,
black holes and light cones, to the
nonspecialist reader. His main goal is
to give an overview of the subject,
but he also attempts to explain some
complex mathematics. In the 1996
edition of the book and subsequent
editions, Hawking discusses the
possibility of time travel and
wormholes and explores the
possibility of having a universe
without a quantum singularity at the
beginning of time.
After reading this book you should do
away with some general myth about
the universe and create a new
concept of viewing life as a realistic
egg and thus affect your general view
how things was, are or meant to be.
you simply just become more
Before you turn 25 a good
communication skill is required of
you to socialize in the society you
inhabit. And communication been an
upper most important in anything we
do in relation to the society. i have
not read any book the help you
communication better than Larry
King’s How to speak to anyone
anytime anywhere. In your various
school, work place or within peer
group, after reading this book, you
definitely have an edge in
communication. An old book it may
be but sound basics to good
communication skills.
Much has been said already, i will
leave you to make a comment on
this book in the comment box below,
if you has read this before and if you
have not, go get it before you turn

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