How To Remove Malware Virus From Your Android Device

31 Oct

This method of removing malware
requires rooting of your android device.
Lean how to root your device here
I wrote earlier on How to remove
malware from android devices without
root access in which i talked about what is
malware and the effects of malware in
any devices. some users also requested
the method that requested root access.
In this post I will be writing on how to
remove stubborn malware in rooted
To remove malware from your android
device(rooted) certain steps should be
Steps to remove malware with root
Step 1: Your device must be rooted. To
continue with this tutorial your device
needs to be rooted and busybox has to
be installed .
Learn how to root your device here
Step 2: Clear cache and remove junk files.
This can be done by using certain apps
from play store or it can be done
manually .
Step 3: Download this app from play store
Stubborn Trojan Killer . Install the app
and grant root access. The app has an
easy to understand interface and can be
understood easily.
Step 4: Run the app and click on scan
stubborn Trojans
You can easily uninstall the Trojans after

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