What Does Dual, Quad, Hexa, Octa And Deca Core Means?

02 Nov

Processors are named according to their
numbers of complete independent units
known as cores. Dual as you already
know means double or two, quad means
four so same thing is applicable with
processors. Dual core processors are
processors made up of two cores. Quad
core processors are made up of 4 cores
and so on. So once the number of cores
is high, the performance and task
handling will be more faster.
Let imagine, a work to be carried out by
four mens of Group A and the same
work to be carried out again by 8 mens
of Group B. This already clearly shows
that Group B will finish the work before
Group A finish their’s. Same thing is
applicable to cores, when you have
deca-core processor (10 cores), task
handling will be faster than when carried
out with hexa core processor (6 cores).

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