The Correct Islamic Way To Follow Is Sectless

04 Nov

Islam Is A Sectless
Islam as a religion is one and have no
division. Yet some Muslim have sect but
not Islam.
In Islam, there is nothing like Shia and
The Qura’n says in Surah Al-Imran,
Ch. No. 3, V. No. 103 [b]‘Hold
together to the rope of Allah, and be
not divided’
– The verse above says Islam have no
Qur’an say clearly in Surah Anaam,
Ch. No. 6, V. No. 159 that… Who ever
makes sects… divisions in Religion of
Islam, he has nothing to do with
Allah (SWT).
If you make sect and teaches
innovations in the Islamic religion, then
you have nothing to do with Allah.
How do I know the right way
A true Muslim in this time is a Muslim
who obeys Allah through the Sunnah of
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon
him. Any other ideology apart from this
is a wrong path.
O you who have believed, obey Allah
and obey the Messenger and those in
authority among you. And if you
disagree over anything, refer
it to Allah and the
Messenger, if you should believe
in Allah and the Last Day. That is the
best [way] and best in result. Quran
The verse said it all, if you should have
any sect then that sect should be the
Islamic religion itself obeying Allah and
his messenger and those in authority.
If you have disagreement, then keep
your altercations aside and look for
what Allah and His messenger teach.
If you believe in Allah and you believe
you will die as well as resurrected
hereafter, then this is the way you
should practice Islam and it’s the best
way that will yield A+ result for you
which is paradise.

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