British Press Attack Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend, Meghan Markle Because She Is Black

06 Nov

I knew this would happen…..It seems
Britons are not down with the idea that
Prince Harry is in a relationship with the
star of Suits.
Reasons;she is black, older and divorced.
From claiming the relationship is
scandalous, trying to ridicule her modest
upbringing to talk that she is a ‘ghetto
Black girl getting a free ride out of
Compton’ they seem to be destined to rip
her to shreds. Read excerpts from some
Via Daily Mail …………….
But social worker Ragland might now find
herself welcoming a royal guest to
downtrodden Crenshaw after Prince Harry
was revealed to be dating her daughter –
Suits actress Meghan Markle. Markle, 35,
is now based in Toronto, Canada, but her
mother remains in LA and moved to her
modest green-painted home five years
ago after the death of her own father,
Alvin, in 2011.
Markle was brought up in a large yellow-
colored detached home in central Los
Angeles, while her rumored royal
boyfriend spent much of his childhood
between Kensington Palace and Prince
Charles’ Gloucestershire mansion,
Highgrove. But Harry’s literally palatial
homes couldn’t be more different from
the tatty one-storey homes that
dominate much of Crenshaw.
And while there have been a total of 21
crimes in the immediate area around
Highgrove over the past 12 months, 47
have taken place in Crenshaw in the last
week alone – including murder and
The Guardian called their relationship
‘Scandalous’ . this article:
The British press have a different
approach. They have made it clear
that her relationship with Harry is
scandalous, for a number of
reasons: she is divorced; she is
older (Markle is 35, Harry 32); she’s
played raunchy scenes in the US TV
series Suits – and her mother is
visibly black, with dreadlocks.
These details would be
unremarkable – irrelevant,
inappropriate, even – were it any
other celebrity romance. But Prince
Harry, fifth in line to the British
throne, is a different matter. The
very concept of the royal family is
the antithesis of diversity. The
terminology says it all: “blue
blood”, from the Spanish sagre
azul, coined in the late 1500s to
distinguish between the racially
superior white Christian nobility
(with pale skin revealing blue
veins) and the Jews, Muslims and
West Africans whom Europeans
were increasingly ousting from
their continent.
In spite of its roots, we are
apparently still perfectly
comfortable using the phrase, even
though royal blood has probably
been mixed for centuries. There
have been Africans throughout
Europe since at least Roman times,
and marriages between European
royals, with their fondness for
black servants, slaves and
extramarital reproduction, make it
unsurprising that Queen Charlotte,
wife of George III – described, in an
era when slaves were omnipresent,
as “ugly”, with a dark complexion
and flared nostrils – may well have
had some African heritage. So
might Queen Philippa, wife of
Edward III, described as having
broad nostrils and a wide mouth,
and as being “brown of skin all
Like I said earlier, I expected them to be
hard on her, come on, the British press is
known to rip even their own without
mercy *lol*. Even the ‘Royals’ are not
spared, but this is just not cool. I thought
the world has moved past all these
mundane issues.

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