Scary and Haunted Abandoned Places

06 Nov

1. Ryugyong
Hotel, Pyongyang,
North Korea
Completion of this massive 105 story tall
hotel was stopped for 16 years due to a
famine that hit North Korea. Although
construction on the hotel was completed
at a later date and is now in operation,
there are still many parts of the building
that are abandoned.
2. Old Atlanta
Prison Farm,
Atlanta, Georgia
The Old Atlanta Prison Farm was in
operation from 1945-1995, incarcerating
low-security inmates who maintained the
farms, whose crops and duties were
raising livestock, canning vegetables, and
maintaining a dairy. Today, no one takes
responsibility for the property, so it’s run
down, especially after a blazing fire a few
years ago that fire fighters wouldn’t
address, but still cool. Amongst the
people who go to explore and take
photos, there is known paranormal
activity that thrives there.
3. Ararat County
Gaol: J Ward, Ararat,
Ararat County Gaol began its operations
in 1861, during Victoria’s gold rush. In
1887, the gold rush had ended and the
prison began J Ward, a maximum security
psychiatric ward for the criminally insane.
Today, it is one of Australia’s most
haunted places.
4. Six Flags
Jazzland, New
Orleans, Louisiana
After Hurricane Katrina devastated New
Orleans in 2005, Six Flags Jazzland was
one of the many victims of the
destruction. With uncertain plans of
reopening the park, Jazzland today
remains an eerie and haunting reminder
of what once was, with some areas that
look like it came straight from a horror
5. Aniva Rock
Oblast, Russia
Originally built for use in the 1930’s by
Japan, it was later seized by Russians and
used during World War II, powered by
nuclear power. During the 1990’s and the
fall of communism, the lighthouse became
vacant and has since been abandoned.
6. Chateau
Miranda, Celles,
Chateau Miranda was commissioned in
1886 by a French man fleeing the
revolution, then taken over during World
War II by the National Railway Company
of Belgium to be used as an orphanage.
In 1991, after the owners of the place
refused to sell, the property fell
abandoned. The property is now left to
wayward teenagers, vandals, and ghost
7. Hashima
Island, Japan
This place was once an island that was
filled with coal, home to 5,000 workers.
Once all the coal had been extracted,
there was no more use for the island.
Today the island lays barren, nothing
more than an eerie place filled with a
glimpse of what was once there and
8. City Hall
Station, New York
City, New York
City Hall Station was built in 1904,
however, due to the lack of people who
utilized that line, it was closed and
abandoned in 1945.
9. I.M. Cooling
Tower, Monceau,
History behind this plant is scarce, but it
doesn’t stop it from being one of the
most intriguing and aesthetically
stimulating abandoned places. Operations
began in the 1930’s and stopped in 2006.
It was used to generate electricity and
cool water. Today, it looks like a scene
from a post apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy.
10.Underwater City,
Shicheng, China
Shicheng was a thriving city that began
over 1300 years ago. After flooding a river
for an electro-hydraulic system 56 years
ago, Shicheng found itself completely
emerged underwater. Today, this ancient
city remains under water as an eerie and
haunting reminder of the civilization that
once lived there.

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