Show Us The Straight Path To Paradise

11 Nov

Muslims recite the following verse
seeking Allah guidance towards the
Straight path in Suratul Fatiha multiple
times a day.
Guide us to the straight
path. The path of those upon
whom You have bestowed favor, not
of those who have evoked [Your]
anger or of those who are astray.
( Quran 6:7 )
The verse above tells us the straight
path, it’s the path of those God has
bestowed his favor. Now the question is
who are these people that Allah
bestowed his favor upon that we pray
everyday to be in their path ?
And whoever obeys Allah and the
Messenger – those will be with the
ones upon whom Allah has
bestowed favor of the
prophets, the steadfast affirmers of
truth, the martyrs and the
righteous. And excellent are those as
companions. Quran 4:69
If you want to follow the straight path,
the path to Jannah the path of the
prophets, Affirmers of truth etc. The
two requirements are obey Allah and
His messenger as seen in the verse. You
obey Allah via his book and you obey
the messenger via his Sunnah.
Therefore the minimum two
recruitment of being in the right path is
Alkitabu Was-Sunnah
Who are those in the categories of
people that Allah has guide and
bestowed his favor upon them
1. Prophets: Follow the way of the
Indeed you, [O Muhammad], are
from among the messengers. On a
straight path. (Quran 36: 4-5)
2. Affirmers Of Truth: Follow the way
of Abubakar Siddiq (R.D). The way of
Prophet Idris and Ibrahim peace be
upon them all
And mention in the Book [the story
of] Abraham. Indeed, he was a man
of truth and a prophet. (Quran
3. Martyr and Righteous: Follow the
way of Shahid Umar. Shahid Uthman.
Shahid Ali. Shahid Etc (R.Ds).
My sheik name is not listed above,
your imam name is not here, our
Islamic teacher is not here. This is
who we should follow above, learn
from anyone who did not deviate
from this straight path. Any sheik
that claims superior knowledge to
this right path is a lair. Any sheik
that claims addition or subtraction
from this religion be it via dream
revelation/inspiration from the
prophet, that sheik is a lair. One of
the greatest lair among lairs.
Righteous people can have dream
(ru’uya) with the Prophet but they
cannot get any additions or
subtraction from the Islamic religion
in that dream. If they claim such,
they are lairs and they only have
dream with Satan and not the
prophet (SAW).
Allah has perfected and completed
Islam, nothing more nothing else.
With no doubt prophet Muhammad
(SAW) has completed his
prophethood without forgetting a
single message of Allah (SAT)
… This day I have perfected for
you your religion and
completed My favor upon you
and have approved for you Islam as
religion. (Quran 5:3)
How Stubborn Are You Towards
The Straight Path Allah Stated
You pray 5 times daily looking for
straight path and Allah has shown it
in his holy book. But why do you
then close your eyes and proceed to
other path rather than straight path.
Allah has warn you about this
Straight Path
And, [moreover], this is My path,
which is straight, so follow it;
and do not follow [other]
ways, for you will be separated
from His way. This has He instructed
you that you may become righteous.
Allah Knows our attitude despite the
truth on the table, we ignore it and
claim another right way from other
people parading themselves as Waliys.
That is why HE warn us to follow the
straight path as earlier explain which is
obeying Allah (Alkitab) and His
messenger (Sunnah). That’s the way of
Prophets, Affirmers of Truth (Abubaka),
Martyr (Uthman, Umar, Ali) R.Ds.
Allah says this is His way follow it and
don’t follow other way apart from the
one explain above. If you follow other
ways, the verse says you’re separated
from Allah’s way.

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