Whatsapp Video Calling Officially Launched – How To Use Video Call On Whatsapp

16 Nov

WhatsApp officially launched video calling
updates few days go, and the video call
feature has been rolled out to Android,
iPhone, and Windows users. The Updated
WhatsApp with support for video calling
for Android and iPhone has officially been
released, so you simply need to update
your WhatsApp to be able to use the
video calling feature to make your first
video call.
If your iOS or Android device is not set to
receive automatic updates, or if you are
not sure if WhatsApp has been updated,
simply go to the App Store or Google Play
and check for available updates manually.
“We’re introducing this feature because
we know that sometimes voice and text
just aren’t enough. There’s no substitute
for watching your grandchild take her first
steps, or seeing your daughter’s face
while she’s studying abroad. And we want
to make these features available to
everyone, not just those who can afford
the most expensive new phones or live in
countries with the best cellular
networks,” said WhatsApp in a blog post.
Lets quicky dive in on how to use the
WhatsApp video calling on your
Firstly, You must update your WhatsApp
version to the latest updated version that
has the video calling features, Also you
can only make video calls to only those
that have the latest whatsapp version
that supports video calling.
If the person your calling doesn’t have
the latest whatsapp version you would
get an error stating ” Couldn’t place a
call” The user is using a phone that
doesn’t support video calls.
See snapshots below:
Note that for WhatsApp video calling to
work, both parties should be running a
WhatsApp build that supports the
feature. WhatsApp may also prompt you
for feedback once the video call is over.
How to make a WhatsApp video call
Here’s how to make a video call within
Open WhatsApp
Go to the Contacts tab or your chat menu
Find and tap the contact you want to
initiate a WhatsApp video call with
Tap on the phone icon towards the top of
the screen
From the pop up choose Video call
That’s it, you’ve just made your first
WhatsApp video call.

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