5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Moving & Spotted In Real Life!

18 Nov

5 Possessed Dolls Caught On Tape Moving
& Spotted In Real Life!
Dolls. Some look pretty cute and others
just pure evil. Some people out there
claim to have recorded haunted dolls that
move in their sleep. But as you may
know, there are videos out there that
seem quite fake but the ones shown here
will defenitely surprise you so you dont
want to miss any of the numbers lisited
within this countdown. With this being
said prepare to see 5 Haunted Dolls
Caught On Camera Moving & Spotted In
Real Life! Lets…Begin!
1. The Blonde Doll
What your about to see is a women
recording a YouTube video talking about
her haunted dolls collection… Yeah,
something that we usually dont tend to
hear….Anyways, at various points in the
video, a blonde headed doll behind her
moves completely on its own…. There
will be another clip shown from one of
her other YouTube videos where the dolls
is seen moving again…. Pretty
unexplainable… Here it is…
2. The Nutcracker Doll
This next video shows a haunted
nutcracker doll that a family has had for
over 400 years from Germany. One of
the family members decided to put a
camera in front of the nutcracker to see if
the doll was actually haunted. It was all
mostly for laughs and giggles, but look at
what little they had to laugh about after
recording this footage. Ready? Here it is…
3. SpunkFlunk Possessed Doll
What your about to see is a video filmed
by a YouTuber that has over 80,000
subscribers on his channel. In the video,
the fellow YouTuber named Spunkflunk
asks his subcribers for help to get his
google+ account verified when all of a
sudden the doll in the background moves
its hand unexpectedly, leaving many
people in the community stunned
and…kinda creeped out. But enough with
the talk, here is the footage.
4. The Girl’s Evil Doll
What your about to see is a mom filming
her daughter playing with her new toy
that she wanted. The girl seems really
happy and so does the mother seeing her
daughters positive reaction. But what
they dont seem to see is the evil looking
doll in the background moving her arm
gently towards the object in front of it.
Prepare, because here is the video.
5. The Angry Doll
In the footage your about to see, a girl is
given a pretty big doll as a gift. A doll in
which many wouldnt like to have at
home. The girl talks in spanish presenting
her “newest” toy. She also says that the
doll is kind of ugly looking and right when
she says that, the doll moves its headand
looks at her like “What you say bitch.No
but seriously. Its pretty disturbing.
Anyways, here is the video.

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