14 Shocking Google Earth Finds

19 Nov

Here are 14 of the most shocking google
earth finds. From pigeon headed people
to the mysterious red lake this list will
completely shock you.
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10- Murder Scene – When you first spot
this scene from Google Earth you may
think you’re accidentally tuning in to an
episode of CSI – it very suspiciously looks
like a trail of blood from a body being
dragged onto a dock. Creepy, right? Well,
the real story is less scary. It’s actually
just a trail of water left by a dog who had
gone swimming.
9- Google Maps alphabet – A graphic
designer from Australia is the first person
to compile images from
Google Earth that depict all 26 letters of
the alphabet. It took Rhett Dashwood six
months to find each letter, refining his
search on the area of Victoria and not
photo shopping or rotating the images.
8- Swastika building – Whoopsie! We’re
guessing when the plans for this building
were being created in 1967, the
architects didn’t consider that one day
we’d have satellite technology showing
the world aerial views of everything under
the sun. If they had, they may have
scrapped this design. Built to be a naval
base in San Diego, the four unconnected
buildings bear a striking resemblance to a
swastika. The Navy has said they will
spend more than $600,000 to mask the
7- Pigeon masks – And on to the creepy
portion of our list. Imagine you’re walking
down the street and you’re suddenly
being stared down by a group of human
sized pigeons. They don’t speak a word,
but instead follow you with their creepy
pigeon eyes. That’s exactly the situation
that can be seen when you check out a
certain spot in Tokyo using Google Street
view. The whole thing was set up by a
bunch of bloggers who saw the Google
camera and got an idea. Creepy none the
6- Shipwrecked SS Ayrfield with Trees –
Also known as “The Floating Forest,” the
Shipwrecked remains of SS Ayrfield rest in
the Homebush Bay, near Sydney
Australia. Built in 1911 in the UK and
registered in Sydney in 1912, the ship
was used to transport supplies to
American troops stationed in the Pacific
during World War II. It was retired in
1972 and sent to Homebush Bay where
several other vessels were laid to rest and
still float in the bay today.
5- Parking Lot for Fighter Jets – Here’s
something you don’t see every day. It
looks as though a fighter jet is
conspicuously parked in a residential
parking lot. Some argue the jet is a
Dassault Aviation office located in that
complex, while others say the jet is
actually a full scale model replica of a jet
used by students at the University of
Paris. Whatever the explanation, it
definitely makes you do a double take.
4- Melting New Baltimore, New York – All
it took was an equipment glitch to get
people talking about the “portal to hell.”
Google street view picked up images of
the town that looks to be melting and
completely distorted. Reddit users went
crazy when the pictures were first
discovered and the town earned the
nickname “Meltsville.” Some master
internet sleuths even took a trip to New
Baltimore to make sure all was well. It
3- The Most Phallic Building – And the
award for the most phallic building goes
to… this church? Yep, not only is it an
unfortunately shocking shape, but it’s also
a church. The Christian Science Church,
located in Dixon, Illinois has gone viral
since the aerial view was noticed. The
church does have a sense of humor about
the situation, stating on their Facebook
page “a giant fig leaf is coming soon to
protect its modesty.” The best part? The
church’s motto is “Rising Up.”
2- Horsehead guy – Oh Scotland! This guy
can be seen on a quiet street in
Aberdeen, Scotland just hanging around,
with the head of a horse. He’s never
been identified, but we like to think
right now, he’s smiling to himself,
knowing he is “the” Horseboy from
Google Earth.
1- Rainbow Plane – First posted on Reddit,
the rainbow plane looks like a magical,
mystical aircraft, piloted by unicorns on
trips to the moon. Not really – it’s
actually just an effect from the camera –
some reason it’s picking up the reds,
greens and blues separately at different
times. It’s answering the question of
what happens when a plane flies through
a Google Earth shot. Well, this happens.

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