Japan’s Suicide Forest – Disturbing Suicides(Graphic video)

19 Nov

5 Very scary true stories about the
SUICIDES at the Japan Suicide Forest in
Aokigahara. Scariest real ghosts & demons
caught on tape at Aokigahara , Japan’s
haunted forest is the scariest place in the
world, graphic footage of suicides by
hangings, which is known for scary ghost
activity caught on video which could give
you nightmares.
Real people have ended their lives
through suicide caught on video tape at
the haunted japan death forest.
The Aokigahara Suicide Forest is a very
lonely place to die, it lies at the
northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan.
The Suicide forest is said to be full of
demons, each year the authorities
remove as many as 100 bodies found
hanging at the country’s death hotspot –
but others can lie undiscovered for many
years. It’s said to be a place where
people go when they can’t handle life any
more & are isolated from the real world,
others believe that demons pray on
passers by & tempt them to come in to
the forest & force them to take there
own lives, many believe the forest is
cursed. But no one to this day, knows
exactly why so many would come here
every year to kill themselves.
There are even lots of signs on the trail in
the forest, urging visitors to think of their
families & seek help & not end their lives,
if you walk too far in to the forest you can
easily get lost, which maybe could explain
why some may have given up & took
there own lives for a quicker end.
Visitors of the forest have to bring items
that allow them to find there way out of
the forest like plastic tapes.
In 2003, 105 dead bodies were found in
the forest, exceeding the previous record
of 78 in 2002. In 2004, 108 people killed
themselves in the forest. In 2010, it is
estimated that more than 200 people had
attempted to take there lives but only 54
were successful. deaths are said to
increase during March, which is the end
of the fiscal year in Japan. The most
common means of deaths in the forest
were hangings and drug overdoses.
In the recent years the government have
stopped publishing the deaths at this
forest, in the hope people might not
follow the trend.
Every year body searches are conducted
by the police & volunteers around the
forest, in which they never stop finding
Some survivors of death & murder
attempts have told of having had the
feeling of being somehow called to or
pulled towards the forest.
A man named Azusa Hayano has studied
the forest for more than 30 years. Even
he cannot make sense of why so many
choose this place to die.
With the nature of his work, he is often
faced with the horrific task of uncovering
suicide victims, or stepping in when he
finds those for whom it is not too late.
He estimates that he has across more
than 100 bodies in the last 20 years.
Visitors to the forest, have said to hear
screams, pleas for help, Shadow people
moving quickly around the forest, light
anomalies witnessed in the dark, people
have felt like a force is pulling them in to
the forest, they run for their lives never
to return again, strangely there are even
reports of children playing, demonic growl
sounds. People run away & hear voices
that sound like low whispers that
continuously run through there head.

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