The Most Beautiful Places in the World

19 Nov

As the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the
eye of the beholder”, which means that
we all have a different interpretation of
beauty in the human race. What may be
beautiful to one person may not translate
to someone else. However, we have also
been molded and shaped by society and
the media to perceive certain things as
beautiful such as the human body and
elements of nature. But today, in the
hustle and bustle in the world, it can be
easy to miss something that is
extraordinarily beautiful right in our own
backyard. So in this case, it is pretty easy
to track down some of the most beautiful
places in the world and come to a
consensus. Will it be an agreed list by
everyone on the Internet? Of course not,
but despite personal opinion, it doesn’t
change the aesthetic of the beautiful
There are various requirements (that are
all of course subjective) to make a
location beautiful. It could be an
innovation of man that took place there,
or it could be the result of Mother Nature
as an artist. Natural beauty is regarded
higher than artificial beauty, as it has a
different flair and element. The internet
has dedicated lists of beautiful places that
must be seen before you die, or before
you settle down and your traveling greatly
reduces. There are also people who have
dedicated their lives searching the earth
for the most beautiful places, and have
made careers over researching and
photographing these locations.
While we may think we have discovered
everything about this planet, it would be
highly egotistical to think that we have
located every gorgeous location. So, the
list in this video may very well be
different in a year or two! What is ironic
that while some people may consider
historical locations to be the most
beautiful, others may feel that the
location is overrated, a waste of money, or
not worth the excursion. There are
various expectations of these locations
that are established long before a visit.
People expect for their souls to be
changed, to be standing in awe of their
beauty, the size of the location being
larger than life, and other various
expectations. Sometimes, it is just best to
just “be” and appreciate the location for
what it is, and not impose expectations or
standards just to satisfy our own spiritual
Whether you expect to stand in awe, or
see God for the first time, one can
anticipate that witnessing a beautiful and
famous place in person is enough of an
experience to change one’s life. The sad
part is that not everyone will have the
lifetime or the budget to travel the world
to see these places, but thanks to media
and photography, one can admire and
appreciate a location’s beauty from afar.
From man-made to ecological locations,
this video contains ten of the most
beautiful places in the world.

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